BHS Falls in an Epic “Challenge Day” Volleyball Battle with JFK


Jillian Leavey, Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday, November 10, the JFK faculty defeated the BHS faculty in a highly competitive “Battle for the Challenge Day Cup.” All proceeds for the event went to funding the sophomore class’s Challenge Day in December. The volleyball match lasted all five sets, each a tug of war. Ultimately, it came down to the final match, when the BHS faculty met a cruel demise in an epic battle of wills.

In typical Bethpage fashion, the bleachers were stacked with rows on rows of cheering middle schoolers and high schoolers. MC-ing for the night were Joe Teirney and Connor J. Golden, hyping an already hyped “lituation.” The white tees and varsity football team were loud and proud in their support of both Mr. McCoy and Mr. Zito (whose eligibility as a JFK Faculty member has been thrown into question by various powers that be.)

If The Eagle’s Cry were to award superlatives, it would go as follows:

Overall MVP: Ms. Bellairs

Best Serve: Ms. Brosnan

Best Blocker: Mr. Dovac

Most Athletic-Looking: Mr. Ravener

Crowd Favorite: Mr. Zito

Best Vertical Leap: Mr. Malossi

Most Apologetic to Players He Blocked: Mr. Fazio

Most Injured: Mr. McCoy

Most “I Think This is the Olympics and Forgot it’s a Charity Event”: Mr. Hennan

Best Fan: Mr. Benjamin’s son and his “Shiny Head” Sign

Most Ineligible to Play: Mr. Zito (Kramer Lane teacher)

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