BHS Student Civic Brings Talent to the Stage


On Thursday, May 7th, BHS’s Student Civic Club held their annual talent show. The auditorium was filled with teachers, students, and families of those performing; the electricity was palpable as the acts prepared to take the stage.

Of the 14 acts that played, audience members enjoyed Mackenzie Pech on piano and vocals, singing “The Hill,” a song from the musical Once. Senior Anthony Simeone performed with Seniors Kyle Bohringer and Michael Price as a rock n roll trio on the classics “Stairway to Heaven” and “Stand By Me.” Another standout was Sophomore Carly Sesti, who performed Adele’s famous “Rolling in the Deep.”

The whole show was hosted by Seniors Jess O’Keefe and Jen Millan, who warmed up the audience with some humor and then commented briefly after each performer. Judges included ABC’s 2014 Rising Star winner Jesse Kinch, WBAB’s DJ Rocky, and noted Italian tenor Teo Ricciardella. All proceeds from the silent auction and ticket sales went to the Nassau County Victory Games.

The show was won by freshman Kaitlyn Stork, who performed “Gravity,” Nick Tangorra Band took second with a performance of “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse, and Mackenzie Pech walked away with the third-place trophy.