Bethpage High School’s School Store Updates


You know that mysterious door all the way at the end of the school, by the cafeterias? You see students occasionally walk in, then strangely enough, walk out later?

Well, that’s our school store!

It’s come to my attention that many students have no idea we have a school store. You all at some point are directed to go there to get a review book, but that’s not all they have to offer, especially now more than ever before.

I worked in the school store last year during my lunch period, and I was amazed at all the supplies I could’ve gotten during school all these years instead of going out after school to get them. There’s notebooks, looseleaf, pens, pencils, folders, highlighters–and now, even comfy school clothes, such as newly arrived hooded sweatshirts, beanies, scoop/V neck teeshirts, and even flannel pajamas.

While teachers may frown upon your wearing pajamas to school, how could they look down upon Bethpage Eagle blue and gold flannel pajamas?!


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