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“It’s Been A Pleasure”, Waterpark’s Newest Album Explained in Fewer than 1500 Words


1. “ST*RF*CKER” – Waterparks has an admirably unique talent in introducing albums, and as this song proves it. If you haven’t heard, the starting song to Waterpark’s “Intellectual Property” starts with a conversation the lead singer, Awsten, has with Jawn about the excitement he has towards his new album.
(Yo, imagine an album starting with this)
(Like a big breath, close your eyes and sh…t)
This high-energy pop-punk track kicks off the album with a bang. The infectious guitar riffs and catchy hooks immediately grab your attention, while the intense atmosphere makes it impossible not to get caught up in the energy of the song. For context, the meaning of this song title is a person who tries to have a relationship with famous people simply for the attention that they will gain from it. Seeing the title on twitter, then listening to this song for the first time was an experience I can never feel again, at least not that strongly.
In a good way. Personally, I find this track to be a perfect opener, setting the tone for the rest of the album. Rating: 9/10

2. “Real Super Dark” – Real Super Dark is all about anger. Blending elements of pop-rock and electronic music, “Real Super Dark” offers a dynamic and captivating sound. One of the more “heavy” sounding songs on the album, the lyrics are unforgiving and raw, resonating with listeners on a deep level. The fusion of genres creates a unique and compelling experience that keeps you engaged from start to finish. Multiple “Otto is a serial killer” jokes get dropped throughout the song, but not to worry, this is an inside joke of Waterparks.
There is no actual evidence that drummer Otto Wood is an actual serial killer.
I think.
Truly, an amazing song, perfect for those times you feel as if your anger is the only thing comforting you. Rating: 8/10

3. “Funeral Grey” – It’s crazy to think that Funeral Grey is almost a year old. The album itself is basically still a baby, maybe a whiny preteen at best. It has more of a pop aspect than other songs, with the fusion of pop-punk and alternative sounds shaping up a perfect backdrop for the introspective message.
Just a warning, Funeral Grey does have more of a ~suggestive~ tone to it than other songs in the album;
“I said that you can call me, beep me if you want my skin.
She rolled her eyes, and then she said: “I know your dying wish is to be baptized in my spit””
…but just you wait, Brainwashed is coming up next. While it may not be the most uplifting song on the album, the raw vulnerability in the lyrics and instrumentals make it a standout for me. Rating: 8.5/10

4. “Brainwashed” – “Brainwashed” has a beat you can’t get out of your head (until you listen to another Waterparks song, of course.) Brainwashed depicts more of the mushy side of love;
“I’m havin’ the same thoughts, can’t stop. Thinkin’ you’ve got me Brainwashed. I’m see-through, need you. Why do I think you’re so cool?”
But like I mentioned earlier, the song has a bit of a ~sensual~ theme:
“Everything’s clean except for my thoughts. Thinkin’ about me gettin’ you off.”
This song takes a more experimental approach, incorporating more elements of the electronic type and introspective lyrics that explore personal growth and self-reflection. The electronic beats and melodic vocals create depth and intrigue, getting stuck into your head leaving you… Brainwashed (ba dum tsss). While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I personally appreciate the band’s willingness to explore different sounds and push boundaries. Rating: 8/10

5. “2 Best Friends” – This lively and upbeat track is pure fun. 2BFS refreshes you after all the other gritty, erotic songs in the album with a contradictory song about hanging out with your two best friends to try and distract yourself from loving someone you shouldn’t. The pop melodies, infectious hooks, and punk-inspired instrumentals make it impossible not to tap your feet along to the rhythm. It’s a carefree and catchy song that just puts a smile on my face. Though it may not have the deepest lyrical content, what pop song has extremely deep and raw lyrics? Some parxies (waterparks fans) think 2BFS has no place in this album, as it’s a concept album, like FANDOM. But if an abomination like Zone Out, a slowed down version of Dream Boy, was made and released in FANDOM as part of the concept album, I personally think that 2BFS deserves her place. I think this song’s unapologetic energy makes it an enjoyable addition to the album. Rating: 10/10

6. “End Of The Water (Feel)” – “End Of The Water (Feel)” never feels the same after the first listen. This one takes a more mellow turn, offering a reflective and more of an introspective atmosphere, while also being deeply relatable for me. The lyrics describe someone who wants to talk and be romantically involved with another person, but they’re not on the best of terms. It’s a song calling out listeners still not over their ex, or a soured friendship. It’s a slower-paced track that helps refresh listeners after all the louder and grittier songs. While she may not be as immediately charming as some of the other tracks, this song’s subtle beauty grows on you with each listen. Rating: 9.5/10

7. “Self-Sabotage” – By far, the catchiest song in “Intellectual Property”. The introspective lyrics about personal struggles and pushing oneself are relatable and resonate with listeners, with Awsten Knight singing about doing as much as he could to make a romantic relationship as difficult as possible. Again, a very real topic rarely covered, turned into a pop song by Waterparks. The blend of genres creates a unique and memorable sound that sets it apart. This is a fun sounding song with darker lyrics, making this song a standout. Rating: 8/10

8. “RITUAL” – The song talks a lot about religious trauma, the song is literally formatted to sound like someone performing a satanic ritual. It’s my favorite out of all the others. The mix of pop and rock elements, along with the bold instrumentals perfect for the concert Waterparks is performing in spring. It’s a perfect blend of infectious melodies and empowering lyrics.  They tried something new and it fits perfectly. I’m lowkey hoping that they do more songs like this, maybe even heavier in the future. Personally, this track gets me pumped up and makes me want to sing along at the top of my lungs. Rating: 10/10

9. “Love About It” – For context, Blackbear is a rapper who you may know from songs like idfc and hot girl bummer. It’s the only feature on the entire album, and a feature that fits too. During the middle of the song, the beat and lyrics start feeling boring, until Blackbear saves the song with his part. The completely different genres, pop and rock, mash so well together, along with both singer’s voices and their chemistry in “Love About It”’s music video. Rating: 8/10

10. “Closer” – Have you ever been so moved by a lyric in a song you almost cry? Yeah, that feeling is this entire song. It’s a heartfelt and melodic track that showcases Waterpark’s ability to create emotional depth. The desperation straight up injected into the lyrics and the sad, sad instrumentals thrown on top create a sense of vulnerability and longing. It’s a slower-paced song that allows for a moment of reflection and connection. Personally, I appreciate the heartfelt sincerity of this track, and it never fails to tug at my heartstrings. Rating: 9.5/10

11. “A Night Out On Earth” – The closing track of the album, “A Night Out On Earth” offers another intro that wraps up the album on a high note, contrasting how “ST*RF*CKER” starts the album. The energetic instrumentals, infectious hooks, and optimistic lyrics create a sense of closure and leave you with a positive feeling. It’s a solid ending that reflects the album’s overall theme of self-discovery and growth.
Also, side note, the distortion of Awsten’s voice in the first thirty minutes adds to the entire aura of the song, along with the background during the bridge. Personally, I find this track to be a fitting end to the album that leaves me wanting to hit “repeat” and experience the album all over again. Rating: 9/10

So, what’s the verdict of the entire album? The album contains so many topics overlooked in the music industry, and Awsten covers them all and covers them in glitter and distorted sound effects. Waterparks’s albums have accumulated a lot of attention since the first Waterparks album, Double Dare, which was released on November 4, 2016, via Equal Vision. With their new album, Waterparks has reached the incredible achievement of reaching 1.5M monthly listeners. With this amount of excitement surrounding the band members Otto Wood, Awsten Knight, and Geoff Wingington, I can’t wait to see them on stage this upcoming spring.

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