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What Does BHS Think of Barstool Sports Legend Frank “The Tank” Fleming?

Frank The Tank on Channel 4 News – Where his fame began

Followers of Barstool Sports know and love their fun and lighthearted sports content. Over the years, many of their employees have become wildly popular including pizza reviewer Dave Portnoy, “football guy’s guy” Big Cat, and of course the man himself: Frank the Tank. 

Frank gained a following on social media for his extreme outbursts about his sports teams, particularly the Mets. He has received national attention from when the country was inspired by his massive weight loss to when Mets owner Steve Cohen blocked him on social media after Frank cursed him out via social media. 

Early in Frank’s life, he served as a court clerk. Working hard while also taking up followers on social media pursuing his dream of working at Barstool. Luckily or Frank, his dream came true when he was hired as a blogger for Barstool Sports in their NYC office. “Frank is an extremely funny and passionate person who has a lot of knowledge about sports,” explained Sophomore Timmy Conlin when asked about the Tank. From cooking videos to sports outbursts Frank posts a diverse selection of videos which contributes to his popularity. The influencer has 136 thousand followers on Instagram and 129 thousand followers on Tiktok. 

Of those 130 thousand followers, many find themselves at BHS. Sophomore Timmy Conlin, Junior Madison Szillus, and of course: myself, are some of his biggest fans at BHS. 

In regards to his weight loss journey, many see it as a testament to what people can do when they put their minds to something and work towards it. As Frank continues his walk journey at his 130th walk, he has lost almost 250lbs and students at BHS can’t help but be inspired by it. Timmy remarked how, “It is inspiring because he exemplifies true hard-work and dedication.” 


Despite his large following many across the country find Frank to be annoying and unnecessarily loud. Madison, who loves Frank’s occasional video, put it simply, “He is definitely annoying.” Along with Madison is Mets owner Steve Cohen, who blocked Frank after his continued hate during the Mets disappointing 2023 season. 

Timmy represents how Frank’s Army thinks. He said how, “As a sports fan I get some of his frustration so his outbursts allow him to express a frustrating loss in a comical way.”

As Frank continues to grow his social media empire and inspire the country with his weight loss journey it is clear that he will always have a strong group of fans at BHS. So if times get hard for Frank, maybe he should show up at BHS for a quick assembly, just an idea @njtank1975.

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Zach Fradella, Sports Editor
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