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The Future of the Yankee Youths – BHS Reacts


If you have been following the Yankees over the last couple of weeks you may have heard Yankee announcer, Micheal Kay, mention the Yankee Youths. In short the nickname was given to the team by Kay as they brought up top prospects like catcher Austin Wells, shortstop Anthony Volpe, and the stud outfielder Jasson Dominquez.

After a disappointing season, Yankees fans finally have something to be excited about. So what does BHS think about this new era of Yankee baseball? Let’s find out!


Oswaldo Cabrera, UTIL        

Cabrera broke onto the scene in late 2022 impressing fans with his power and defensive versatility. In 2023 he took the starting LF role but failed to impress as his hitting regressed to a low .209 batting average. With his production down many fans are hoping to not see him on the roster in 2024.

Junior Nora Kerrigan disagrees with this opinion. She said, “I think it is still early on in his career and there is still time to improve. He has been great on defense in all positions, and the offense shows itself at times. There are other people to get rid of before him, he is going to figure it out.” 


Anthony Volpe, SS

The Yankees former #1 prospect burst onto the scene this season showcasing his extraordinary speed and impressive power as he became the first Yankee rookie to have a 20/20 season. On the other hand, Volpe struggled with consistency and posted a batting average around .200. Because of these mixed results fans have both high expectations and big concerns for his 2024 production. 

Mr. Barden exemplifies this perfectly. He says, “I hope to see somebody that can play a solid spark plug position. He doesn’t need to be a superhero, he just needs to be somebody that the fans can get around. Once he gets the fans he will know he is a shining star on the team, then the results will come. 

Despite Mr. Bardens “shining” expectations for Volpe, his production in 2023 has led him to have some concerns. His biggest; Volpe’s confidence. He said, “Playing in New York is very tough, I worry that as a young kid who is struggling to find consistency that his production will dip as a result. That being said, I think that If he can get that confidence up, his bat will come around.”

Mr. Rodriguez, a Spanish teacher here at BHS, has another concern with the Yankee shortstop. He said, “My biggest concern would be his consistency. He has been great but I wish he could get on base a little more next year.”


Jasson Dominguez, OF    

Jasson Dominquez gained the nickname The Martian, for his otherworldly skills, and showed them in his limited games this season. In 8 games he mashed 4 home runs and totaled 7 RBI’s before tearing his UCL, an injury which put him on the IL for the next 9-10 months. Dominquez impressed fans across the league as he won the AL Player of the Week Award in his first week in the show. 

Not even a Mets fan cant ignore the talent of the outfielder, Micheal Macholz, a junior, an avid Yankee-hater said, “He was a team player who put it all out on the field. It was amazing what he did in such a short stint with the Yankees. Wait till next year he’ll be even better.”

Although he impressed in his 8 games this season, his injury puts him out for not only the rest of this year but about half of next season as well. Because of this, many fans have concerns about his production next season. Mr. Rodriguez, a Spanish teacher here at BHS, has high expectations. He said, “Nothing has changed. The potential has always been there and he will come back better than ever. He is a beast, and he will continue to be one.”


Austin Wells, C     

Wells, the top prospect known for his bat, but certainly not his glove. However in his 8 games this season he has been the complete opposite. His bat has gone cold but his defense has been great. He has received compliments about his catching skills from notable pitchers in the Yankee staff like Carlos Rodon and Clay Holmes. With these swapped results, many fans are nervously awaiting his 2024 production. 

In his interview, Mr. Barden expressed his excitement for Wells early on starting, “I love Austin Wells.” Despite this, Barden knows that his production has to get going. He stated, “He is going to have to turn it up. If he is showing great defense and doing well for guys like Rodon, that’s great, but he needs to do something for a Yankee offense which struggled with consistency all season long. On the other hand though, he is a young guy, the more at bats he gets, the more he will show you what he can do, and the more he will get better.


Everson Pereira, OF  

The Yankees have struggled over the last couple of years to find a solid solution to their LF problems. When Everson Pereria was called up it was believed that he would be the long term solution to that problem. In 21 games played he has an abysmal batting average of .143, however with the injury of Jasson Dominquez, the Yankees need outfielders more than ever. 

Eva said, “I think he has been very disappointing and that he didn’t fulfill his potential. He has to turn it around next season.”


Randy Vasquez, SP      

He is one of the Yankees top pitching prospects and it showed in his limited time in the bigs this season. In 9 games (5 of which he started) he has accumulated a 2.56 ERA across 31.2 innings pitched. Unfortunately for the young starter, the Yankees abundance of starting pitching has limited his time in the bigs. However, with struggling SP Louis Severino set to become a free agent at the end of this season and SP Domingo German, attending in person alcohol abuse treatment, spots in the rotation may be opening up next season, leaving many fans hopeful that he’ll get his chance then

Mr. Barden again has high hopes for the young starter. “I really hope he gets a slot in the rotation next season, give him 4 or 5 for sure. I hope that for a young pitcher like him, in a clubhouse like the Yankees, he finds a mentor. I feel like he is going to become a superstar, he just needs a guy like Cole or Rodon to take him under his wing and turn him into the superstar that he can be.”


Johnny Brito, SP/RP  

In the start of the season, Johnny Brito earned the role of the 5th starter after injuries plagued the Yankees rotation. Unfortunately, he struggled as a starter in 13 games started and he has a bad 4.83 ERA. On the other hand, his new role as a bulk reliever has shown his true ability as he has an impressive 1.27 ERA in 14.2 innings pitched. With his mixed results across his 2 jobs the question gets raised; “Where should Brito play in 2024.” 

Spanish teacher Mr. Rodriquez has the answer. He said, “Yea he struggled as a starter, but they sent him down for a while and he figured things out. Like you said he has been eating middle innings for the closers, which is good and I think he will continue to be a force for the Yankees. I hope it works out, I like him.”



Mr. Barden said it best in his hopes for 2024 and beyond. He said, “What the Yankees need to do is trust these young guys, the talent is there, it is just a matter of how the Yanks use it.”

With all of these promising names it is clear that fans are excited for this new error of Yankee baseball; the Yankee Youths. From struggling utility men to star outfielders with serious injuries, the future of the Yankee Youths has a lot of question marks. But one thing is clear, teachers and students at BHS think that the future is bright for this young Yankee core. 


Keep your eyes peeled for the New York Mets version; “The Future of The Baby Mets – BHS Reacts.”


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