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BHS Talks: Taylor Swift’s Successful VMAs


Particularly in relation to the 2023 VMAs, many BHS students have differing views on Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is an international pop star, beloved by millions of fans. She has a total of 13 albums, three being re-recorded versions, and over 200 songs with ranging genres of country, pop, indie-folk, alternative, etc.

She debuted her first self titled album, Taylor Swift, in 2006, since then she has continued to break numerous records. Let’s take a look at her latest record that she broke and BHS students’ opinions on it.

I asked a series of questions starting with peoples’ thoughts on Taylor Swift. 11th grade student at BHS, Abigail O’Hara, believes that “she’s a mastermind and perfect.” This was an allusion to her 13th track, Mastermind, on her 10th album, Midnights.

After, I then asked a few kids at BHS if they were aware about what record she broke. All said yes for winning nine VMA’s in ONE night.  Most didn’t know exactly what they were, here’s a list:

  • Video of the Year
  • Direction
  • Show of the Summer
  • Visual Effects
  • Song of the Year
  • Pop Video of the Year
  • Artist of the Year
  • Cinematography
  • Album of the Year

Many were impressed with her awards and the record she broke. 

11th grade student at BHS, Julia Baumbach said “wow” after she heard what she won her VMA’s for and how many she received. Following up the last question; when asked if Swift deserved the awards she got, both BHS 11th grade students, Nora Kerrigan and Abigail O’Hara replied “yes”. 

 The final question was one that can definitely have some debate, whether Swift is at her peak currently or if she’s going to continue breaking records. 

11th grade BHS student, Julia Baumbach replied “I think that Swift is going to keep on going and this is not her peak,” meanwhile BHS 11th grade student, Abigail O’Hara, replied with “No, I think she’ll continue, I think once she released all of her Taylor’s Versions then she’ll go down a little bit, but then she’ll come back.”

As seen there is some debate about what’s going to happen in the future but overall the students at BHS think Taylor Swift is deserving of her awards and an incredible person overall.

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Madison Lewin is a junior at Bethpage High School and this is her first year writing for The Eagles Cry. She loves hanging with her friends, running track and her job at Saf-T-Swim. In her free time she likes to watch Grey’s Anatomy and read. She’s so excited for this year!

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