Waterparks – MV (Music Video, for those not in-the-know) Ranking


Waterparks has had many iconic and visually pleasing music videos. So I have taken it upon myself to rank the best ones. I have seen them live five times and I have been a fan for half a decade, therefore I am qualified. There are way more music videos that I would have liked to have here but there wasn’t enough room this is already a top thirteen.  

13: “Gloom Boys” The plot of the video is… something. Travis, a friend of the band, plays a fan who has to try out to be the new bassist by defeating Waterparks’ seven evil ex-bassists. The storyline is based off of Scott Pilgrim VS. the World. Bonus points for the band dressing up as silly characters with wigs and makeup and the iconic quotes “slow down jellybean” and “that’s a good rind.

12: “Funeral Grey” The budget is obviously fueled by ramen working its magic. The aesthetics of it are pleasing but that’s kind of it. It’s still a beautiful thing to watch. 

11: “You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You)” This music video is busy in a good way. I love the chaos of it. The best part is definitely all the phones recording the band, which is talking the title and chorus literally as everyone is watching the band via recording. 

10: “Easy To Hate” What’s not to like about a music video where the band kills a fan. Visually this is gorgeous, the colors and everything are just perfect. No complaints for this banger of a music video.

9:“High Definition” The way this video captures the song perfectly is astounding. The melancholy vibes and the black, white, and green visuals are just incredible. The way Awsten, the lead singer and front man, moves is so animated and choppy which is mesmerizing to watch. 

8: “New Wave” This is just a masterpiece in the most chaotic way possible. The plot of the video is the band racing against each other and a guy who constantly wins the competition, Travis “Swifty Leg” Quick blood, played by their friend Travis, all for the prize of a unicorn. The race turns bloody and violent and end with the band losing anyway. Absolutely a must watch just for the experience.

7: “Numb” A wonderful visually pleasing music video that transitions swiftly into “Violet”. The vibrant holographic rainbow colors are so visually stunning and are great to watch. 

6: “Dream Boy” Travis is back with another cameo in this fever dream-like video. This music video is full of pastel colors and odd visuals. The band is driving around with some interesting green screen effects and the disposing of a body that is speculated to be the fan from the “Easy to Hate” video.

5: “Violet” We love a good stalker video where the stalker is quite literally a giant eye that stalks Awsten and the rest of the band. The video ends with the stalker having cameras all over Awsten’s house while she watches him sleep. The storyline is a direct translation of the song itself which is about Awsten’s personal experience with stalkers.

4: ”Lowkey as Hell” This is the fever dream of all fever dreams but it works so well. The settings are mesmerizing. The rainbow colors perfectly fit the aesthetic of the album and add a little brightness to a mostly depressing album. The garden and florals are a nice setting compared to the many music videos that take place inside at night. The guitarist, Geoff, and the drummer, Otto, both dressed as elves kick children which ends up with Otto being beat up by a balding, middle-aged man. 

3: “Lucky People” When Waterparks fans think of the band’s music videos many will think of “Lucky People.” A very solemn and gorgeous visualization of the themes of the love song, though the relationship ended before the music video was shot so the emotion and overall tone of the music video fit that. Awsten Knight walks around a city at night wrapped in white Christmas lights. It is one of the most visually and aesthetically pleasing videos to watch. 

2: “Watch What Happens Next” There are literally alligators in the video. What’s not to like? Also the band gets surrounded by the FBI. It’s kind of an average music video but there’s something about it that just puts it all the way up to second place. 

1: ”Not Warriors/Crybaby” This is literally the best music video that they have made. If you watch one of these videos it should be this one. There’s a reference to the album Friendly Reminder which was scrapped and turned into FANDOM. The band destroys a car, Awsten gets stuck in the back of the house which has doors that lead to nothing but flowers, the bed attacks him and the other two members of the band play video games in the living room completely oblivious to what is happening behind them. There’s just so much in this video that is just gorgeous and lovely to watch that cannot be put into words that describe it perfectly. It’s just the best.