Student Spotlight: Courtyard


All BHS students know that the Courtyard is the centerpiece of the school, but The Eagle’s Cry noticed that many tend to overlook it. The courtyard is the perfect place to get a breath of fresh air throughout the school day while walking to class.

  Over these past few weeks, the weather has been getting warmer and the doors of the courtyard recently reopened, allowing students the opportunity to escape during the hectic school day or even just walk through on the way to class. While the courtyard provides a place for students to enjoy a walk outside, the majority of students choose to walk through the busy hallways in between classes instead of the peaceful courtyard. 

Sophomore Izzy Romero shares, “The courtyard helps me relax during the day.” The courtyard is the perfect escape from school and should be used by more of the students at BHS. 

English teacher Mr. Malossi said, “The courtyard had a designated senior smoking spot and used to be used very often.” Although the courtyard is not used for smoking anymore, it is still a great place to just get a breath of fresh air during the school day. 

With only one week of school left, we recommend spending as much time in the courtyard as possible because if you really look at it, it is pretty beautiful.