The Eagle’s Cry Shares Advice for Incoming Freshmen

The Eagles Cry Shares Advice for Incoming Freshmen

The school year is almost coming to an end, and I realized that I have not yet written about “the freshmen experience.” Fortunately, I made it through my freshman year of high school, so I’ll give you some pointers that I guarantee will help you get through your first year of being at BHS.

  • Be organized. Use your locker, because trust me you do not want your binder to explode in the middle of the hallway when you’re going to English class.
  • Make friends with upperclassmen. These people can give advice and can help you understand the school way more.
  • Get more involved in extracurricular activities. Consider joining the Newspaper Club, trying out for a sport, or even auditioning for the school play.
  • Learn what study habits work for you since the classes here are far more difficult than the ones in middle school. If necessary, review your notes every night, trust me it helps.
  • Concentrate on your grades because now they matter for college. 
  • Do your homework early. Don’t wait until the last minute, instead do it during lunch, so that you can get free time for the rest of the day
  • PLEASE USE DEODORANT. Out of every single piece of advice shared thus far, none of them are as important as this one. I do not want to go out into the hallways again and smell the nasty stench of kids who just ran the mile.
  • Spend money on the school cookies. 

Since I don’t represent the entire freshman class, I went around school asking freshmen their advice for future 9th graders. I got some interesting responses:

  • “Do your homework!”
  • “Please don’t get a buzz cut!”
  • “Make sure to do a lot of clubs!”
  • “Use deodorant please…”
  • “Stay on top of your work…”
  • “Don’t slack off studying…”