BHS Celebrates Its Annual Maritime Festival—The Eagle’s Cry Recaps


Last week, Mr. Portuese and his Forensics classes began setting up for the annual Maritime Festival early in the morning. From collecting local marine life at the beaches around Long Island, to putting sea water in mini pools in the courtyard, this group of students worked hard to put together yet another successful festival for the Bethpage Third Grade. 

The festival aims to teach young kids about the local marine life on Long Island and encourage them to take care of it as they grow up. 

Senior Matthew Tarabojika shared, “We’re doing a fish dissection, so we show the teeth, tongue, and organs.”

Physical Education teacher Mr. Hack scuba dives in the pool to show the students what it’s like to be underwater for long periods of time. When asked about what he is doing, he explained how he is doing scuba diving demonstrations. He went on to say, “When I need to pee, that’s just what I do. I just pee in the wetsuit, number 2 is another story. The kids love hearing that.”

More activities include fish printing in the lobby, learning about the marine biological food chain, making ropes, and even having the ability to touch real life sea animals! 

Student volunteers like Matt, and teachers like Mr. Hack did a great job throughout the week keeping the day both fun and educational for the 3rd graders visiting BHS. Overall, it was a great experience for the 3rd graders and a job well done by Mr. Portuese and his students.