BHS: Favorite Movie Genres



Different Movie Genres

Emily Melman, News Editor

What is your favorite movie genre?


George Evangelou, a BHS senior said, “I don’t want to watch a movie and cry the whole time. A movie that makes you cry is just a waste of money/time to the audience and cast.”


Matthew Schneider, a BHS junior revealed, “Dramas are the purest way to express real life problems and issues. They capture the beauty as well as the struggle with everyday life.” 


Deborah Unter, a senior at Bethpage High School, said romance is her favorite because “it allows you to witness someone else falling in love, which is one of the most magical things you can see in this life.”

Gabriella Hernadez, a sophomore at Bethpage High School, said romance is her favorite because “it captures all the emotions that people gush over in real life, and allows you to experience those emotions without all the real heartbreak.” 


Sarah Shokoor, a BHS senior said, “I like the shock value and I like being able to feel the suspense when watching a movie.”

Kayla Francavilla, another Bethpage senior said, “I like the adrenaline of being scared.”


Cassie Peters, another BHS senior, asked, “Have you seen High School Musical; what else could you want? [It has a] great storyline and fun music all in one.”

Coming of Age

Nora Kerrigan, a sophomore at Bethpage High School said, “I think it’s inspiring and relevant to teenagers since the characters are usually the same age.”