Round 3 Stanley Cup Playoffs—The Eagle’s Cry Predicts


Eva Neamonitis, Reporter

Round 2 of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs was definitely more unexpected than I thought it would be. There were some massive upsets with all of my predictions being wrong. The Eagle’s Cry will be discussing their predictions for Round 3 and what exactly went wrong during Round 2. 

Wow…this was crazy. The New Jersey Devils LOST to the Carolina Hurricanes. I was so sure Carolina was going to lose this one but the Devils just got crazy outplayed. They had one good game, but one good game isn’t going to win you a series. 

Even more shocking, the Florida Panthers, a wildcard team, have been playing absolutely incredibly. As someone who doesn’t like the Florida Panthers, you just have to give them credit because they have been playing great. They surpassed all expectations anyone had. I really thought Toronto could’ve pulled through with a win, but that clearly didn’t happen. Toronto, congrats on your second round one game win! 

Even worse, the Edmonton Oilers made their way out in 6 games. I don’t even understand how this happened. Again, they just got outplayed and their top forwards were not playing their best game. 

I thought Seattle could’ve surely beat Dallas. But Dallas also exceeded my expectations. This was a pretty fair matchup but I was hoping that Seattle would’ve won. 

Carolina Hurricanes vs. Florida Panthers

I never would’ve thought that either team would still be in this round. Florida’s team has been everything no one expected it to be. But, Carolina has been pretty sharp. So in my opinion, I think the Hurricanes will win this is 6 games.

Dallas Stars vs. Vegas Golden Knights

This entire round is shocking. These were not the two teams I thought would win in the west and it’s crazy. I think the Golden Knights will win this series in 7 games. 

The Eagle’s Cry interviewed some students and teachers about who they think will win these matchups. 

Nora Kerrigan said, “I think Dallas will win. They’re a good team”

Olivia Greenfield added, “The Golden Knights are definitely going to win.”

Allie O’Shea said, “Carolina will probably win.” 

However, Sophia Lora opposes and says, “Florida is much better and they will win.”

On to another round which will be kicking off on May 18th at 8pm with the Panthers and Hurricanes.