Varsity Baseball Looks Toward Playoffs


With their final regular season series coming to a close, the Bethpage Golden Eagles’ Varsity Baseball team looks toward the playoffs with high aspirations. After a strong 13-5 showing across their 18 conference games, including a seamless sweep of the Hewlett Bulldogs to close out the regular season, Bethpage can break some brackets in the playoffs. An eight seed in a sixteen-team tournament, the Eagles open up their playoffs against the 9-seeded Bellmore-JFK Cougars. Future college starting pitchers such as their ace, Kyle ‘The Ladder’ Brindisi (3.17 ERA), and southpaw Dom ‘Oh Yeah’ Galeotafiore (1.38 ERA) look to continue their dominance into the postseason. Brindisi, also the teams 3 hitter, is hitting an incredible .464/.551/.643/1.194, while leadoff man Seany ‘Latkes’ Seely leads the team in stolen bases (17 SB) and total bases (42 TB) while putting up elite hitting numbers too (.443/.480/.600/1.080). Mike ‘The Monster’ Tierno’, alongside Faggiano brothers Anthony ‘A-Lub’ and Chris ‘The President’ both continue to grind out great seasons in the meat of the Eagles’ lineup. This tight-knit group is having fun, and is set on playing confidently in the postseason.


Backup first baseman and fellow Eagle’s Cry journalist James ‘Money’ Mertz had this to say about the family dynamic on the team, “I love my brothers. I would die for my brothers. And I trust them to win us the big game.”


This seems to be a common theme throughout the clubhouse. The boys in Blue and Gold are confident in their abilities and the team’s unity. 


Backup infielder, junior A.J. Popov says, “Honestly man, I think we get the dub today, y’know. As my motto is, “life is like a baseball game: when you think a fastball is coming, you need to hit the curveball”. So basically, we’re ready for whatever Bellmore-JFK has for us.”


And finally, Head Coach Robert Fisher had these final thoughts of his team, heading into the big game, “I think we’re playing well heading into the game, and I think we can make some noise here”. 


Let’s hope the Golden Eagles do well, beginning with their first game, home at 4pm on 5/15, vs Bellmore-JFK.