Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 2— The Eagle’s Cry Predicts


Eva Neamonitis, Reporter

Round 1, which felt like an eternity, has come to an end. This Stanley Cup Playoffs round has been nothing near predictable. The Eagle’s Cry discusses their previews of each match along with some Bethpage High School student reviews of Round 1. 

Round 1 Review:

This was such a crazy, and for the most part, unpredictable round. 

The Tampa Bay Lightning did not win a single home game their entire series. This was very disappointing especially because they let Toronto win their first playoff series in 10 years. Congrats to Toronto because Tampa played just “okay.” 

The Boston Bruins, another team that let us down even though they’re the best team in NHL history, made their way out in the first round. The President’s Trophy curse lives on due to the fact that many people had Boston winning the cup in the first place. 

The Islanders losing to Carolina was pretty predictable, but I still had faith in the Islanders. When it came down to the most unlucky goal in overtime, it was a huge upset.

Also, massive congrats to the Kraken on winning their first playoff round ever.

Vegas beating the Jets was accurate but this TEC writer just wanted to take the unpopular route there.

3 out of 8 of our winning predictions were correct, and with Jersey, Dallas, and Edmonton winning, they helped out the bracket a little. 

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Florida Panthers

Florida has been VERY shocking throughout the start of playoffs. Absolutely crushing the Bruins’ 3-1 lead, which many were in disbelief about. As much as this TEC writer dislikes the Florida Panthers, they are a team to watch during this round. But, the Toronto Maple Leafs will likely win. It will come close and likely come down to a 7 game series. 

Carolina Hurricanes vs New Jersey Devils

There is absolutely no question that the Devils will win this series. They are more advanced than the Islanders and it should be a wake up call for the Hurricanes. Ondrej Palat, Jack Hughes, and the absolute shocker that was Akira Schmid will likely benefit them in the future. So, the Devils will win in 6 games. 

Dallas Stars vs Seattle Kraken

Honestly, both teams are pretty mediocre compared to the major teams in the East. But, it’s likely that Kraken will win this series. Matty Beniers and Yanni Gourde are sure to get past Oettinger. But Dallas is likely to put up a fight, so the Kraken will take this one in 6 games. 

Vegas Golden Knights vs Edmonton Oilers

Vegas had a lucky win against the Jets in my opinion. But, the Oilers are clearly the better team and they have much better offensive ability. Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl are insanely good and better than the top forwards on the Golden Knights. In conclusion, the Edmonton Oilers will win this series in 7 games. 

Early Cup Winning Predictions

Personally, since the beginning of playoffs, we said that the Final of the Stanley Cup Playoffs would consist of the New Jersey Devils and the Edmonton Oilers. If that’s correct, Jersey is likely to take the cup. We asked BHS students and teachers who they believe will win the cup. 

Mr. Malossi and Sophia Lora agree and think Edmonton is going to win. 

Nora Kerrigan says, “Honestly I think the Kraken have a pretty good shot.” 

Izzy Romero guessed and agreed that New Jersey is likely to win the cup.

With Round 2 starting crazy fast, nobody knows which teams will shock us in the end. But nonetheless, it will be extremely fun to watch.