5 Trends That We Should Bring Back- The Eagle’s Cry Discusses


Sophia Lora and Olivia Greenfield

As time goes on, new trends are created and old ones are left behind, but here at The Eagle’s Cry, we think some trends from years ago should be brought back. The question as to why these trends died in the first place is still unanswered and we are here to make them popular again.

  1. Dabbing- Everyone knows the iconic dab. It’s easy, simple, and can be put into a conversation, sentence, or even if you just feel like dabbing. This singular motion has so much personality in just one swift movement of throwing one hand up in the air and the other across your face. The dab is definitely a trend that should not be forgotten and needs to be brought back. 
  2. Mannequin Challenge- This trend wasn’t just a trend, it was a challenge, and here at The Eagle’s Cry, we are always up for a challenge. The second the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd is played everyone must freeze and stand completely still like a mannequin. Be the first to move and you lose. This challenge can be played in any setting, and is a quick, fun, and different way to spice up any event.
  3. Bottle Flipping- Although this classic trend was banned in many schools and other places, it will forever be engraved in our minds as the most awesome trend ever. Any time you have a water bottle or any sort of bottle it is hard to resist flipping it in the hopes of it landing perfectly so you can cheer and show all your friends just how cool you really are. This trend is a must have when it comes to bringing back oldies.
  4. The Floor is Lava- Unlike the Mannequin challenge, the Floor is Lava challenge requires you to run and find a piece of furniture, person, or anything else nearby to stand on as soon as someone yells the words, “The floor is lava!” If you can’t get off the floor as soon as possible, you’ll get eaten by the lava that has taken over the floor. This trend or challenge is so much fun to play with your friends, family, or anyone else in any room and should definitely return. 
  5. Slime- An oldie, but a goodie. Many parents and teachers were not happy with this trend because it caused a little bit of a mess, but as a kid, slime was the only thing we could think about. Making and playing with slime as a kid was the best thing you could ever do, so why not bring it back? We think you definitely should. 

If you’re ever bored and wondering what there is to do, feel free to do one of these trends and help bring back the fun or even add on to make your own trend.