The Top Five Areas in BHS— The Eagle’s Cry Discusses


Although Bethpage High School isn’t huge compared to other high schools on Long Island, there are still many interesting rooms and areas of the school that The Eagle’s Cry has decided to look deeper into. Here are the top 5 rooms and areas at BHS ranked in order (1 being the best).

5) Cafeteria: The Cafeteria is the ideal favorite place in the school. It’s where you can eat, hang out with friends, and not have to stress about school work. Also, you can use your phone and not have to put it in a caddy.

4) Hallway with windows near science bathrooms: This one may sound a little random but when you’re on your way to the upstairs bathrooms it’s always fun to walk through that area with a perfect view into the courtyard and the other side to the street. And maybe if she’s in a good mood, the bathroom monitor might not yell at you for being on your phone.

3) Room 110: The best classroom in the school is definitely room 110 and I’m sure many can agree. This room is where all the The Eagle’s Cry magic happens and of course many great memories that keep students coming back to take journalism year after year. Nora Kerrigan, a journalism student says, “This room is where so many memories were made and I can’t wait for more next year.”

2) Social Studies Wing: This wing would’ve stolen first place, if it weren’t for the fact that you have to walk a mile and climb up a whole different staircase to get to it. Besides that, the wing is perfect. The teachers make it feel enjoyable to walk through and Ms. Way’s different candles everyday make it exciting to get to the top of the stairs after the long hike. 

1) Courtyard: Many people might not agree with this, but on a nice sunny day nothing beats walking through the courtyard on your way to class. The sun and fresh air allows you to have a quick break from the hectic school day. If you ever see the doors to the courtyard open during the day, The Eagle’s Cry would highly recommend walking through it instead of just walking through the halls. Eva Neamonitis explains she “likes the breeze” whenever she walks through the courtyard.


What are your favorite areas in BHS?  Please share in the comments.