Teacher Feature – Ms. Garvey: Math Teacher, Globetrotter

Danny Ranz, Sports Reporter

Most students know Ms. Garvey as a cross country coach and a statistics/ trigonometry teacher, but few are aware that she is a strong candidate for the “most interesting person in America.” Students who have had Ms. Garvey can’t stop raving about her, and why? She’s easy to talk to, has a great sense of humor, and always has an interesting story to suit any lesson. In short, Ms. Garvey makes math a pleasure to attend every day.

It’s hard to believe that Ms. Garvey became a math teacher, because she actually majored in psychology. Going into college, Ms. Garvey wanted to be a scientist and came out a high school math teacher. How does that happen?

“To this day I still don’t know a clear answer. After a few science classes, I decided it wasn’t for me. I was always fascinated with the brain, so I pursued a psychology major, which opened more doors than I ever thought possible. When I worked in the city, I did a lot of psychological research that required the use of math. Next thing I know, I’m teaching statistics and trigonometry at Bethpage High School,” said Ms. Garvey.

A psychology major is definitely not the most common path to math teacher, but Ms. Garvey certainly knows her stuff. Sometimes people forget that she is a psychology major, except when she has trouble subtracting numbers that require borrowing.

“Certain math calculations [subtraction] impede my ability to do the important things [anything not involving subtraction or division] in math,” said Ms. Garvey “Calculators were made for subtracting numbers.”

In her free time, Ms. Garvey is a very active person. Her goal is to run 5k a day, and she pumps iron whenever she gets a chance. She is also a vegetarian, although it’s hard to believe that she goes through life without indulging in a juicy hamburger or a tender steak.

“I’m trying to save the planet, one cow at a time,” said Ms. Garvey “It’s just sad that those cows will never see their kids graduate high school or get married.”

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, Ms.Garvey is an active traveler. She’s been to countries people only dream about going to, as well as countries people have never heard of.

“I travel to see people live in different cultures. People with no running water or no electricity. People who live in the desert or in the middle of the jungle. But what I’ve found is that most people are good and nice people. Most people want to help you. So no matter what religion they are, or what color of their skin is, or what language they speak–people are good.

If you don’t know the song “People are People” by Depeche Mode, please take the time and listen to it now.

Many people these days create a bucket list, but how many go out and accomplish it? Ms Garvey is one of the few who made her bucket list a reality, and as a result, she is having trouble deciding what’s next.

“My bucket list was to visit all seven continents, but I finished that last Christmas. I’ve wanted to do that since I was 14, but now that’s done, and I’m wondering what’s next. I guess join the Century Club and visit 100 countries. I want to see the Aurora Borealis and all of the cool lights. I may not know it right now, but my travels are far from over,” said Ms. Garvey.

In the near future Ms. Garvey plans on writing a book about her all of her experiences and travels. She plans to title it, “Sometimes the Road Less Traveled By Should Stay That Way.”

“I went to Cambodia a few years ago and there were landmines that could explode at anytime,” said Ms. Garvey.

Unless you meet the guy from the Dos Equis commercials, Ms. Garvey is the most interesting person you’ll ever meet. If you don’t know Ms. Garvey, stop on by and listen to one of her incredible stories.