Colleen Hoover – The Eagle’s Cry Reviews


Colleen Hoover is a 43 year old female author who has produced over 20 books and novellas. Within the past year,  Colleen Hoover’s work has caught the eye of so many readers, and the sales of her books increased tremendously. Her books are known for the in-depth descriptions of the love lives her main characters experience. Here at BHS, many students enjoy reading Hoover. Her work is enjoyed all over the world, though many argue some of her work is overrated. 

Hoover’s three most popular books are the following: It Ends With Us (2016), Verity (2018) and the continuation of It Ends With Us: It Starts With Us (2022). Many believe she produces other amazing stories, but other than those three, her books are either a hit or a miss.   

It is confirmed that her 2016 hit, “It Ends With Us,”  will be turned into a movie.  Also, it was revealed that Lily, the lead character, will be portrayed by Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni will play the lead male role. The two actors gained popularity from their work in other popular teen drama shows. 

As any one person acquires attention for their work, they will always have someone who does not like them or someone who will find something the person does or has done wrong. Many people do not hate Hoover herself, they just do not like the material she puts into her work. Many of Hoover’s fans and critics believe she romanticizes domestic violence and portrays it in a loveable or charming way. This could be an issue because many of Hoover’s readers are young and impressionable, displaying a false sense of love. Which basically means telling people that the reason the one you love is acting this way and hurting you is out of love and care so it’s okay. 

After reading numerous Hoover books, BHS Spanish teacher Mrs. Oak claims, “I don’t think she romanticizes toxic relationships. I think she describes the complexity of a toxic relationship. I feel a lot of women are judged when they stay in a toxic relationship, but it explains why it’s not easy to leave and why some women stay.” 

The backlash is supported by facts from the book and is evidently logical. At the end of the day, many people have different views on what is right and what is wrong when it comes to love.  

Despite the perpetual backlash on the Internet, including articles entitled “Cancel Colleen Hoover,” her books are still praised and sold all over the world. As of October 2022, The New York Times published an article revealing the author published over 20 million books, and is even considered the best-selling novelist. Additionally, she sold 8.6 copies of paper books, which was revealed to be more than the Bible. 

Overall, many people support Colleen Hoover and continuously read her books. Despite the backlash and hate from many individuals, negative reactions are inevitable with her rapid growth and enormous following.