Dennis Freiberg: BHS Weather-Related HERO


As an amateur meteorologist, local BHS Weatherman Dennis Freiberg has gained a modest following for his very own segment on BHS News entitled BHS News Weather Report with Dennis Freiberg. Freiberg typically provides his peers information about the weather every Monday morning, and in doing so has become a significant advocate for public decency. 

On the morning of Monday, January 30th, Freiberg gave his typical spiel to his high school audience, giving a brief weather run down of the week. But what seemed like a normal day for Dennis soon turned into a nightmare. After his sign off, things took a turn. BHS Teacher Mr. Dalton knocked on the studio door, before entering and informing Freiberg that he must “come with [him]”. The young weather reporter eventually ended up in room 110, where TV News Media teacher, Mr. “M” Malossi was waiting to deliver urgent news.

Dazed and confused, Dennis began his short-lived but grueling journey back to room 110. Upon his arrival, Malossi explained to him the news: some sort of weather emergency had occurred in Nairobi, Kenya. This provoked a sense of panic in Dennis, who is well known to work part-time as a meteorologist in Nairobi. Petrified of what hath possibly happened to his adored, adopted community, Dennis darted off to hop on a (possibly) one-way trip to Africa.

Dennis anxiously boarded the plane, hoping the state of Nairobi wouldn’t have any permanently detrimental effects. Meanwhile, at BHS, the weather report soldiered on in Dennis’s absence, so as not to leave any BHS students discombobulated regarding the weather for their upcoming week. Brett Jassey filled in, and although he does well, he doesn’t command the same respect and admiration as Dennis typically does, and he is widely criticized by students at BHS. 

While on a private plane to Nairobi, now into Saturday, Dennis received another call from Mr. Malossi, urging Dennis that the weather emergency in Nairobi is something no one has ever seen before. Although Dennis was curious, so was everyone else, prompting Mr. Malossi to say, “There are more questions than answers right now.”

As Dennis approaches Nairobi, he got a spontaneous call from the pilot, who was secretly working for government officials. The man explained that the Nairobi emergency was a set up: the U.S. government had actually chosen our very own BHS News Meteorologist Dennis Freiberg to help them destroy a so-called “weather balloon,” sent from China, which was really a spy balloon attempting to gain information on U.S. developments.

Dennis knew what he had to do, and as the plane hovered above the balloon, Freiberg made his move. He took one last look out of the window, proclaimed “I see it!” and calculated his dismount. He shattered the window and took his leap of faith. Spiraling through the air, he saw the balloon. As he approached the balloon with maximum velocity and penetration power, both weatherman and balloon met. The high-tech Chinese spy device was no match for American might and meteorology. 

News reports showed the point of view from the ground, as residents of the Carolinas recall witnessing the balloon crashing down—a sight of awe and unconventional beauty. News reports also explain the government’s decision to send Dennis, as days earlier President Joe Biden was asked to address the balloon. His response: “We’ll take care of it.”

And take care of it, they did. The country was now safe, and it was time for Dennis to return home. He touched down at BHS on Monday, February 13th, and immediately attempted to complete his needed duties. Dennis sprinted straight into the BHS News studio after being greeted by colleague James Mertz, who stood in awe in the doorframe of the school, and precisely delivered his first weather report since returning.

Dennis is back, and we can all rest easier because of his humble heroism…