Fan Favorite F.r.i.e.n.d.s Relationships


Ross and Rachel

Will they or won’t they? He loves me, he loves me not. Ross and Rachel are the ultimate on again, off again relationship. Early on, during the first season, viewers are given a front row seat to Ross’s growing crush on Rachel. Unfortunately, he resists the urge to tell her how he feels. Thankfully, Chandler eventually exposes the secret (by accident, of course) and the long-winded romantic encounters between the twenty year olds finally begin. Although their relationship consists of a variety of ups and downs, breakups and makeups, flirting and fighting, ultimately the couple is one hundred percent endgame. They understand each other, they are friends, they enjoy each other’s company, they forgive each other’s mistakes and most importantly, they are head over heels for each other. Their love only grows throughout the series and viewers cannot get enough or their entertaining relationship.


Phoebe and Joey

Phoebe and Joey are absolutely soulmates: platonically, of course. By the end of the show, Phoebe is married to Mike, a side character she meets in the ninth season. In fact, Joey is actually the one who introduced Mike to Phoebe after they agreed to set each other up. Joey ends the series single, but just as happy as any of the other friends. He looked out for Phoebe during hardships faced in the show’s many episodes. They consistently enjoy each other’s company and even jokingly flirt quite frequently. Their innocent flirting gives the audience an insight into their playful personalities, showing how comfortable the two are in each other’s company. While Phoebe and Joey never interacted romantically, viewers are able to watch as their relationship blossoms throughout the hit sitcom’s seasons. 


Monica And Chandler

Monica and Chandler are without a doubt the best Friends couple; they may even be the best TV couple ever. This relationship started out of nowhere. Their love wasn’t a slow burn like Ross/Rachel and although they were great friends, they weren’t as compatible as Phoebe/Joey. All of a sudden, in the final episode of season 4, during another character’s wedding, Monica and Chandler are seen together: romantically, for the first time ever. The scene was a complete shock to audiences, but was extremely well received. Friends fans immediately fell for the couple, loving every romantic moment the show’s talented writer’s provided us with. 


The lovable characters portrayed throughout this series are not afraid to tell each other how much their life-long friendships mean. Some examples of relationship and friendship quotes from Friends are listed below.


Quotes from Phoebe:

  • “A promise between friends means never having to give a reason.”
  • “Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but this is for life.”
  • “Oh wait, and I forgot, I love you. And you have nice eyes.”


Quotes from Joey:

  • “I stepped up! She’s my friend and she needed help.”
  • “I guess they weren’t as good friends as we are.”
  • “I think I’m falling in love with you.”


Quotes from Ross:

  • “I love you too, and I’m never letting you go again.”
  • “You’re worth the wait.”
  • “Please, please stay with me. I am so in love with you.”


Quotes from Rachel:

  • “It’s you and me, alright? This is it.”
  • “I broke up with you because I was mad at you, not because I stopped loving you.”
  • “I always thought if we got married, that’d be the one that stuck.”


Quotes from Monica:

  •  “You’re not alone. We don’t know where we’re going! You just gotta figure at some point it’s all gonna come together.”
  • And now, here we are with our future before us, and I only want to spend it with you, my prince, my soulmate, my friend.”
  • “In all my life, I never thought I would be so lucky as to fall in love with my best [friend].”


Quotes from Chandler

  • “Because I’m in love with Monica! I love her. That’s right. I love her!”
  • “…you make me happier than I ever thought I could be. I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way.”
  • “Any surprise that comes along the way is OK because I will always love you.”