The Eagle’s Cry Review: Speak

The Eagles Cry Review: Speak

Sarah Watson

Starring a young Kristen Stewart, Speak is about a popular girl turned freak when Melisa Sordino calls the police at a summer party. This is how she earned her new name “squealer.” 

It is her first day of high school, and she doesn’t have her friends who have moved on and dissipated into other cliques at the school.

As the movie progresses we find out exactly what happened at that party and why it changed Melisa so much.

In the beginning of the year, she takes a vow to never speak and throughout the film we see her gain the courage to finally let out her secret.

Between her friends bullying her for being a rat and her parents who are too busy to notice anything is wrong, she folds into herself.

An important character that helps Melisa find her voice is Mr. Freeman (Steve Zahn). He is the art teacher and helps Melida express her emotions even if it’s not in words but through art.

Speak is a 2004 film based on the novel written by Laurie Halse Anderson and her experience. 

When reading this book I couldn’t help but compare myself to Melina and just couldn’t put it down. This book is important for anyone who is trying to find words to speak out.

At just thirteen years old, Kristen Stewart moves the audience with her demeanor and enticing performance as she doesn’t talk much in the movie, but through her body language she really captures the character.

Speak is a very underrated movie that I think everyone who is struggling to find their voice should watch.