The Eagle’s Cry Reviews Cinematic Masterpiece: La La Land


 La La Land, a 2016 film, is nothing short of a masterpiece. La La Land is a piece of art, ranging from the character development to the visuals. 

But what distinguishes this movie from others is the music and the instrumentals as well as Emma Stone’s performance in the movie.

La La Land follows Mia Dolan, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian Wilder, a jazz musician, as they fall in love and strive to attain both of their dreams. 

The greatest thing about the movie is that the songs accurately demonstrate the plot: we know exactly when they start to fall in love. The film shows how our ambitions and dreams can get in the way of love and our relationships, but it still shouldn’t stop you from your goals. 

At the beginning of the movie, you think it would be about a love story, but when you get closer to the end, you realize that all along it’s so much more than that. It’s about two different people that both want to achieve their dreams, but in order to do that, they must be apart and go their separate ways.

The ending of the film is simultaneously heartbreaking and perfect. The scene where they saw each other one last time lets the audience know that despite not being together anymore, Mia and Sebastian are still proud of each other and love each other enough to let the other go so they can fulfill their dreams.

The film teaches you to appreciate the people around you and in your life because they might not be there forever.

Another amazing fact about the movie is that it’s able to show Mia and Sebastian’s relationship as realistic, but dreamy at the same time with the planetarium scene.

Kaylee Khan, a freshman at BHS, explained the reason she loves La La Land is because “it shows the change in theme and emotions through color,” and that she really loved the music.

La La Land should be seen by anyone that loves a heartbreaking love story or any person who has hopes and dreams just like Mia and Sebastian.