BHS Reacts to LeBron James Setting the All-Time Scoring Record


James Mertz , Sports Editor

Last night, Lebron James of the Los Angeles Lakers broke what was seen as one of the most difficult accomplishments in all of sports. Eclipsing Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s 39 year old all time scoring record at Arena in Los Angeles. 

The scenes from LA last night set the internet and sports world on fire. 20,000 people on their feet watching and filming Lebron’s every move until finally he hit a mid range jump shot over Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kenrich Williams which created what will go down as possibly the coldest picture in sports history. The action shot of the ball in the air as Bronny and Bryce James, Nike founder Phil Knight, players on the court,and Lebron fanatics alike watched on with anticipation. 

Why was this event so important? It officially solidified the legacy of Lebron James. From being dubbed “The Chosen One” as a 17 year old in high school to living up to the hype, winning 4 NBA championships and league MVPs. Holding this record just puts the cherry on top. And although holding this prestigious record won’t unanimously deem him the greatest of all time in people’s minds because Michael Jordan still exists. This gives Lebron truthers another piece of evidence to argue for the “Kid from Akron” to be labeled as the G.O.A.T. Two of these truthers are the Eagles Cry’s very own sports editors Robbie Ackerly and Brett Jassey. Ackerly simply said “he has proved his status as the greatest of all time the debate is over.” And known Lebron lover Brett Jassey elaborately explained “he is the greatest to ever do it and no one can come close to him, he is the peak form of human and is so attractive” His words not mine.

It was an all time night for sports, witnessing history which may never be surpassed in our lifetimes.