BHS: Favorite Foods


Sour! Sweet! And Savory! Oh my! Whether you love sour candy, sweet treats, salty snacks, spicy delights, or luxury dinners, everyone has one thing in common. FOOD! The simple fact is, we need food to survive, and while certain nutrients may not be full of flavor, others are like a party in our mouth. By exploring the favorite foods of Bethpage High School students and teachers, we can connect through our love for delicious dishes and maybe even have an exciting introduction to a new recipe or two. 

Japanese Food 

Ms. Marathe, a Calculus teacher at Bethpage High School said, “If I absolutely had to pick one cuisine, it would have to be Japanese. The variety of dishes and unique umami flavor make it a stand out. Plus I love, love, love seafood. All cuisines have variety, but I feel that Japanese food, at least the majority I’ve eaten, isn’t heavy, fatty or oily. It can be simple or elaborate in its presentation and the fact that I’m eating healthy makes it even better!”



Rashna Kasaju, a senior at BHS said her favorite food is dumplings because they “go with many dips, are eaten hot, and have lots of protein.”



Kayla Francavilla, a senior at BHS said her favorite food is pasta because “you can make different sauces like tomato or alfredo.”


Pulled Pork

Mr. Malossi, an English teacher at Bethpage High School said “Pulled Pork from Smokin Al’s in Massapequa…the best! The pork is so juicy and the bbq sauce is sweet and spicy…and they top it with melted cheese. It has to be tasted to be believed.”


Chinese Food

Gabriella Hernandez, a sophomore at Bethpage High School said, Chinese Food “has a mix of a lot of different flavors from my culture and others. I taste so many different flavors at once. It has similar flavors to Spanish food and is my comfort food.”


Mexican food

Zach Fradella, a sophomore at BHS said his favorite food is Mexican Food because it is a blend of a lot of different types of food like rice and beans.”