Teacher Feature – Mr. Lynch: The Most Interesting Man in the World?

Have you ever seen the commercials for the most interesting man in the world?  We are not sure who that guy is, because we met the real most interesting man in the world right here in Bethpage High School!  Scott Lynch, AP U.S Teacher, Honor Society Advisor, and Man in a toga?

Recently, The Eagle’s Cry sat down to interview Mr. Lynch.  Very quickly he refused to answer our mundane, standard interview questions like “What made you want to become a teacher?” and insisted we ask him what he considered “fun” questions.

We began our interview with a probing question about “The End.” Mr. Lynch said if given the choice he would spend his last day on Earth with his family at the zoo.  “Any zoo would do,” he said, but he does have many fond memories at the Central Park Zoo.   Strangely enough, Mr. Lynch always likes to visit “the Bison exhibit.”  If given a chance to choose his final meal, he would select “Lobster, tater tots, and ‘a lot’ of vanilla ice cream.”

Next we discussed Mr. Lynch’s previously hidden desire to join the Avengers.  He understands the Hulk’s rage, thinks Captain America is amazing but doesn’t “really get the whole Hawkeye thing. Who uses a bow and arrow anymore? Against aliens?”

Along with being a very well-rounded and knowledgeable teacher, Mr. Lynch is a humorous, friendly person.  He loves to be involved with student activities and is always there to help anyone in need.  Whether making videos of himself talking to Abe Lincoln on a stick to help his U.S class or helping seniors fill out their Common Application, Mr. Lynch is always looking for his students to succeed.

Oh and that toga thing? When asked what time period he would most like to live in, he quickly answered, “Ancient Rome!”