The Eagle’s Cry Review: 12 Must-Watch Movies and Shows


In 2022, shows featured new seasons, some movies continued to live on in popularity, and some students here at BHS re-discovered some absolute classics. So, The Eagle’s Cry produced a list of some of the best movies and shows RIGHT NOW in no particular order. 

  1. Ginny and Georgia– Madison Lewin said, “It’s a show worth watching. I wouldn’t consider it my favorite but it’s definitely enjoyable.” This show has been great since season 1 and it keeps getting better. This show is about a very young mother doing alot for her children…maybe even too much? 
  2. 10 Things I Hate About You– Gianna Gravelli said, “It’s my favorite rom-com.” This film stayed popular ever since it was released in 1999. It is about the hardships of teenage dating. How could you hate so much about someone you like? 
  3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days– An anonymous student said, “It’s a very ironic movie.” This movie is about a girl who goes on a mission for an article column. She claims that she can make a guy fall in and out of love in 10 days. 
  4. The Office– I have seen this series over 5 different times. One may assume the plot is boring since it is about a company’s office branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but it’s actually filled with comedy, romance, drama, and everything in between. This show’s popularity has rapidly increased since it came out in 2005, so many might be familiar with some characters and even a quote or two. Zach Fradella said “It’s funny and it has a good plot”. 
  5. Gilmore Girls– This show is the absolute cutest! It is about a mother and daughter from a small town. It seems boring yet, it is so good and I definitely recommend it. Julia Coscino said, “Such a comfort show, I have a deep connection to it.” 
  6. Manifest– In this show, the most fascinating events play out. The plot is so intriguing and you almost never know what happens next. 
  7. New Girl– This show is so funny. It is my comfort show and I love all the characters. However, things went downhill in season five and it wasn’t as good as the first few seasons. 
  8. Wednesday– I haven’t finished this show yet, but all of my friends loved it. From what I’ve seen, it looks so interesting and obviously is very popular. Jenna Ortega did a phenomenal job at accurately portraying the infamous Wednesday Addams.
  9. Friends– This series is another comfort show of not only mine, but also millions of fans across the globe. It is about a very close group of friends. They go through a bunch of things that people in their 20s go through. Widely popular among all ages, it is very common for someone to have seen at least one episode. 
  10. Outer Banks– This show is really good. It is about a group of friends who are super close and consider each other family. In the show, they try to discover missing things in order to find the main character, John B’s dad.  It is one of the best summer shows to watch. Leo Cataldo said, “Great, engaging plot.” 
  11. Cobra Kai– If you are a fan of the Karate Kid movies, you will love this show. In this show, unlike the original movies, it goes more in depth into the people who trained at Cobra Kai. So many of the original characters are in it and it makes it so much better. It is one of my favorite shows and all ages will enjoy it. An anonymous student said, “Cobra Kai is the most action packed, fun show on Netflix.” 
  12. Gossip Girl– This show is ICONIC. It is about rich teenagers from the Upper East Side who do a lot of crazy things. The website, Gossip Girl, posts information about everyone and everything. But the real question is, who is Gossip Girl?  It is one of the most popular shows for teenagers and I 100% recommend it. 

These shows and movies have continued their popularity for as long as they have been around. These films are really good and interesting to watch if you need a time filler.