The 2022 BHS News Holiday Lip Sync


On the mornings of December 22nd and 23rd, students at BHS had the opportunity to see their teachers and peers lip sync to the hit song “All I Want For Christmas is You,” on the morning show. The class worked for a month to make the sing-along an enjoyable and feel good segment for the teachers and students alike at BHS.

To make the segment more entertaining, multiple groups of students and teachers were incorporated for relatability purposes. No matter who was watching, everybody could recognize a familiar smiling and lip syncing face to spread some holiday cheer. 

Ms. Renneisen and English teacher Mr. Malossi even deemed it as the “best BHS holiday lip sync of all time.” This sets a new standard and challenge for future lip sync renditions of the traditional Christmas song.

Can the BHS News team ever top themselves? 

The Eagle’s Cry would like to recognize junior Jake McAuliffe who greatly contributed to the editing and the filming. In addition, seniors Mackenzie Bracken, Olivia Mansfield, Christian Considine, and Kylie McIntyre also played significant parts in the making of the video.

The annual lip sync segment holds a sense of familiarity while bringing plenty of cheer and laughter to the students at BHS just before the holiday break each year. It is a tradition that is not soon to die nor be forgotten by those who view it each year. 

We all look forward to seeing what the morning show has planned for next year. Happy Holidays from The Eagle’s Cry and the BHS News!