Teacher Feature: Mr. Granieri – World Traveler, Bethpage Alum

It may sound clichèd, but Mr. Granieri has always wanted to become a teacher.  After three years of working in New York City as a hedge fund consultant, he decided to make the switch.  The idea of spending his life in a cubicle reading legal prospectuses and writing disclaimers and legal opinions was something he “simply could not do.”  The concept of living life to grow a bank account sickened him.  The opportunity to help kids, on the other hand, is something he cherishes.  Plus, as “a little kid at heart,” teaching provides Mr. Granieri endless entertainment.

Mr. Granieri is a BHS alumni (1998) and tremendously proud of being a product of the “Bethpage Bubble.”  During his time at Bethpage High School, he had the pleasure of being taught by some great people, including the winners of the 2015 Trivia Challenge: Mr. (Terrence) Clark, Ms. Corson, Mrs. Rankin, and Mr. Letourneau.  He said, “They were the best teachers I’ve had.  They did more than just teach us social studies, science, math, and English, and I am forever grateful for having them as teachers…and now colleagues.”

If you know Mr. Granieri, you know he enjoys food.  When asked what his “last meal” would be, his response would make a competitive eater proud: Belgian waffles with well-done bacon on the side; French onion soup; filet mignon (medium); garlic mashed potatoes with bacon bits and cheddar cheese; and an apple pie a la mode for dessert.

Outside of eating and taking selfies, Mr. Granieri’s favorite hobby is travelling. The past two summers have been his favorite travelling experiences so far.  Two years ago, he got in the car and drove 26 hours to Moore, Oklahoma, where he spent 4 days volunteering to help tornado victims.  This past summer, he went out west to visit the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore.  He then spent two weeks in Peru living with spiders, snakes, and crocodiles in the Amazon jungle.

Mr. Granieri’s music and movie favorites clearly show he is stuck in the 1990’s.  When asked what his favorite groups were, he responded with an all-star 1990’s concert; Green Day, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana, while his favorite song is Green Day’s “Christie Road.”  Mr. Granieri’s favorite movie is Good Will Hunting.  He sympathizes with Matt Damon’s genius character.

He said, “Matt Damon would also win the Trivia Challenge, like we did this year!