Is Christmas Overrated?


Nora Kerrigan

Call me a Grinch or a Scrooge, but the holiday season is extremely overrated. In fact, according to a poll that BHS students conducted over the last week, about 90% of them “really enjoy the holiday season,” while approximately 5% “enjoy it.” That leaves a mere 5% of us wallowing in grief as everyone revels in the holiday spirit.

But what exactly makes the season so enjoyable? Is it the terrible weather? The short days? Scraping ice off of windshields at 7:00 a.m.? We wanted to find out, so The Eagle’s Cry went on a mission to find out what could possibly prove that the Christmas/Hanukkah season is “the best” with the help from the students and teachers of BHS.

Watching Christmas movies, one of the most popular activities for the season; which in my personal opinion are all over praised with the exception of A Charlie Brown Christmas

BHS sophomore Eva Neamonitis reveals, “I love Elf, it embodies the Christmas spirit. Watching it with my friends is one of my favorite holiday traditions.”

However, I disagree. Buddy is simply a rude, fake elf with no regard for anyone else’s feelings or any self awareness whatsoever. Between his annoying voice and idiotic actions, Buddy the Elf makes this movie almost unwatchable.

Sophomore Sophia Lora says her favorite holiday activity is decorating gingerbread houses with her sister.

She says, “It is always a fun time and one of the best things to do during winter break.”

But, is making a gingerbread house truly an enjoyable experience? The house will always fall down and it winds up being a mess that is not worth the effort.

 Zach Fradella says his favorite holiday memories involve decorating the Christmas tree with his family. 

Zach explains, “My cousins come every year and help decorate. It’s the best part of December.”

Although the holidays may not be my favorite time of the year, a common theme I’ve gathered from my interviews is that people find joy in not necessarily the season itself, but rather the time spent with family and friends. After all, this is the true spirit of Christmas. Happy Holidays Bethpage!