Robbie Ackerly and James Mertz

Seasons greetings Bethpage, it’s officially December. But it is also week 14 of the NFL season, so that means me and Mertz are about to lay out our picks. But prior to that let’s review last weeks’ NFL predictions.


Last Weeks’ Locks

They call em’ locks for a reason. Mertz and I both got our locks correctly for week 13. I went with the now Deshaun Watson led Cleveland Browns who—despite an abysmal performance from the returning Watson—defeated the Houston Texans with a three touchdown performance from their defense and special teams unit.. Mertz’s Ravens won by the skin of their teeth, with Lamar Jackson out Baltimore threw Jackson’s clone Tyler Huntley into the fire. Huntley (who looks so eerily similar to Lamar Jackson) led a game winning drive in the final minutes of the game to pull off a 10-9 victory over the Denver Broncos. 


Last Weeks’ Upsets 

0-2, ouch. The Jets blew it and the Titans aren’t good…nough’ said.


Total Results 

I feel Mertz starting to sweat. I’ve picked up another victory with a record of 11-3, Mertz had a slightly worse 9-5. (We are barring the Giants Redskins game due to them tying). With that, the total records now sit at

88-44 and 85-47, with Mertz’s lead starting to slip. 


Week 14

With the recap behind us, it’s time for week 14. 


Mertz…kick things off. 


Mertz’s Lock of the Week

The San Francisco 49ers and fans feared their season was over the minute Jimmy Garoppolo went down with an injury that would sideline him for the year. But fear not, in steps Mr. Irrelevant of the 2022 draft… Brock Purdy. This man who no one and I mean literally no one believes in will lead the 49ers past the G.O.A.T Tom Brady and the Buccaneers this week. And watch out Brock Purdy may just steer this talented ship to the promised land. 


San Francisco 49ers def. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Mertz’s Upset Alert!

The boys over in Vegas for some reason have the Detroit Lions favored over the Minnesota Vikings. And those boys know what they’re talking about. The 5-7 Lions have been hot lately and they get their toughest test yet against the 10-2 Minnesota Vikings. The Lions blew a 10 point lead last time these two teams faced off. But that was 11 weeks ago, Dan Campbell and the Lions are DAWGS ready to eat some kneecaps. Down goes the NFC’s 2 seed.


Detroit Lions def. Minnesota Vikings


The Rest of Mertz’s Picks

Las Vegas Raiders def. Los Angeles Rams

New York Jets def. Buffalo Bills

Cincinnati Bengals def. Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys def. Houston Texans

New York Giants def. Philadelphia Eagles

Tennessee Titans def. Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs def. Denver Broncos

Seattle Seahawks def. Carolina Panthers

Los Angeles Chargers def. Miami Dolphins 

New England Patriots def. Arizona Cardinals


Thank you Mertzy, now it’s my turn. 


Ackerly’s Lock of the Week

It’s almost tradition at this point. The Houston Texans are matched up against a football team that is better than them in every sense of the word. The red-hot Dallas Cowboys have been making a statement to the entire NFL as to why they are true Super Bowl contenders. It has always been a running joke about the Cowboys getting back the big dance every single year. As much as I hate to say it, this could actually be the Cowboys year. However in this one-sided affair between the Cowboys and Texans, the Cowboys might put up over 50, again. 


Dallas Cowboys def. Houston Texans 


Ackerly’s Upset Alert!

This past Monday was a throwback. Down 13 in the fourth quarter we saw a vintage Tom Brady comeback we hadn’t seen in a long time. The Buccaneers have been very mid this season, and this week they face a 49ers team who I think had the best team in the NFC up until last week. However, a season ending injury to quarterback Jimmy Garapolo could spoil San Francisco’s chances of making a deep run into the playoffs.  With Brock Purdy currently at the helm the 49ers could struggle to win games here late in the season. This Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will defeat the quarterback-less 49ers in upset fashion.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers def. San Francisco 49ers 


The Rest of Ackerly’s Picks

Las Vegas Raiders def. Los Angeles Rams

Buffalo Bills def. New York Jets 

Cincinnati Bengals def. Cleveland Browns

Minnesota Vikings def. Detroit Lions

New York Giants def. Philadelphia Eagles 

Baltimore Ravens def. Pittsburgh Steelers 

Jacksonville Jaguars def. Tennessee Titans

Kansas City Chiefs def. Denver Broncos 

Seattle Seahawks def. Carolina Panthers 

Miami Dolphins def. Los Angeles Chargers 

Arizona Cardinals def. New England Patriots 


With our picks wrapped up, that does it for week 14. See y’all next week.