Top 10 NHL Jerseys of All Time – The Eagle’s Cry Review


Jake McAuliffe, Sports Editor

Hockey features some of the most unique jerseys in all of sports. With its large, long-sleeved style, there’s lots of room for creativity and team design. Some designers have used this to their advantage, creating beautiful staples in hockey history, while others have made absolute mockeries of their teams. 


Hockey jerseys have evolved throughout the years, and with this new batch of 2022 Adidas Reverse Retro jerseys, it’s a good time to take a look at ten of the greatest jerseys the NHL has ever strapped on its players’ backs. 


The Eagle’s Cry’s criteria is mostly based upon how cool the jersey is itself; rather than its place in history or what it means to a team. Objectivity is also in effect; with popular opinion and critical acclaim, this isn’t solely my personal preference. 


Honorable Mentions: 

Islanders Fisherman Jersey 


2000s Home/Away Lightning Jerseys


Ducks 1990s Wild Wing Jersey 

10-  2018-2019 Blues third jerseys 

Just making the bottom of the list is a more recent jersey, belonging to the Blues a few years ago. Such a clean simple design, with not too much going on. The colors are a beautiful standout; they work all too well and also serve as a nod to the old Blues jerseys from the 1970s. This is how you make a jersey. “It’s actually kinda cool” says BHS senior Emily Betwinek


9-  90s Stars Home Jersey


This next jersey gets plenty of points for creativity and originality. The star design fits really well on the bottom of the sleeves, which really makes this jersey, as well as this old Dallas Stars logo on the crest which looks awesome, with the dark green adding a nice touch. All in all a great unique look for a unique team.  


8-  2020 Avalanche Reverse Retro 

With the most recent jersey on this list, we have the 2020 Reverse Retro Avalanche jersey coming in at number eight. This was part of Adidas’s first new batch of Reverse Retro jerseys, and they did an excellent job. This look of incorporating the old Quebec Nordiques logo with adding the Avalanche colors is genius. The maroon with white combo pops very well, and keeping the blue from the Nordiques jersey on the numbering goes very nicely. They could’ve done a little more with the socks, but at the end of the day it’s just the jersey. Great jersey and great job of making it retro while keeping the modernity. “You just like it because it’s from Quebec, and therefore exotic,” said journalism teacher Mr. Malossi.


7- Penguins 2008 Winter Classic Jersey

Dave Sandford

At number seven we have the best Winter Classic jersey ever made. This penguin design is unique and clean, and obviously the baby blue main color pops. Not only is the color sweet, but the circle logo is pretty cool. The white stripes along the bottom and sleeves are also pretty clean, and I’m glad they didn’t overdo the baby blue with appropriate navy blue gloves and helmet. Awesome look for this game.  


6-  Arizona Kachina Jerseys 

Although they may be one of the worst, and most poverty franchises the NHL has ever had, they seized that opportunity to make their team at least look fun. And that is what this jersey does. Not only does it have a unique logo and color scheme, but the patterns along the jersey are awesome. Probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to this god awful franchise.  


5-  Sabers Red and Black Jersey

Another franchise that hasn’t had the greatest history in the NHL, the Buffalo Sabers. They totally flipped their design on its head at the time and brought a red and black jersey with a different logo. This jersey is clean, intimidating, and the logo is fantastic. The red stripes along with the red outline in the logo is great, putting this jersey in the top 5. 


4- Canucks 80-90s Skate Logo 

I always think teams making a unique black jersey is always sick, and the Canucks introducing this jersey with the orange and yellow is sweet. This jersey was so nice they recently brought it back, and it looks stunning. Great logo, great colors, great jersey. 

3-  2000s Capitals Eagle Jersey 

Getting the bronze medal on the list is this beautiful old Capitals jersey. Although it might be a little boosted because young Ovi got to wear it, everything is still right about this jersey. The logo with the stars is great, and the colors at the bottom are sick, especially the gold. The colors are also greatly complimented by the pattern at the bottom and on the sleeves. All time tarp right here. 


2- Rangers Liberty Jersey 

Although I’m a Rangers fan, there is no bias in this pick. Every hockey fan should appreciate this jersey. Up until this point in, the history of Rangers jerseys have been very boring. The new logo and color scheme was revolutionary. Especially the logo, Lady Liberty stealing the show and representing New York perfectly. Not to mention the red and gray on the sleeves which works all too well, along with the number and jersey font. This truly deserves the silver and would’ve been number 1, if it wasn’t for the next jersey existing.


1- Mighty Ducks Jersey

This jersey is quite literally perfection. Not only does it have the best logo in NHL history, but it’s paired with probably the best color scheme of all time. The usage of teal and the eggplant is absolutely nuts. Fresh off the mighty ducks movie, sprouting the franchise, this jersey is absolutely brilliant. Greatly deserves the number one on my list.