Hi-Five Friday: A New Trend at BHS

Danny Ranz, Sports Reporter

Friday, March 27th, 2015 saw the introduction of Hi Five Friday at Bethpage High School. Hi-Five Friday has been implemented by a number of other high schools in order to  inspire students and bring people together.

Mr. Tocco, who championed this event at BHS, said, “I attended a conference at another school, and they have been doing Hi-Five Friday.  The faculty and students loved it. I thought it would be a great asset for Bethpage High School. I brought up the idea to Mr. Spence at our last faculty meeting, and it got approved.”

The event was popular among students, given that along with abundant hi-fives came great-tasting treats, like bagels and breakfast pastries. Students were spotted smiling in and out of the main lobby, where the action took place.

“It was interesting,” said junior Andrew Frost. “I got a few hi-fives, gave a few, and enjoyed a nice breakfast.”

Up and down the hallways, students from freshmen to seniors were asking what was going on, prodding each other to go check it out. Many teachers and all the administrators in the building were there.

“It’s great that Hi-Five Friday is not even a month old idea and it already has the support of many staff members and students,” said Mr. Tocco. “I thought the first day went very well. The students and faculty members were very enthusiastic, and it was very nice to see smiles on everybody’s faces.

Happily, Hi-Five Friday may well become a tradition here at BHS.

Mr. Tocco said, “This will continue to happen on the last Friday in April and May, and will roll over into next year. We plan on adding new themes to next year’s Hi-Five Fridays, so the tradition is only bound to get better.”