Gabby’s Honest Review: Ticketmaster or Ticketameatur?


Now we really have bad blood.

After hours and hours of waiting to get presale tickets, Taylor Swift fans were met with a simple “Error” message on Ticketmaster and forced to repick their tickets and seats. But by then someone else had already bought them. 

That someone may even have been a scammer. According to Pop Thingz, “Tickets for Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ are being resold for up to $95,000.” But how is that possible when Ticketmaster instituted a “Verified Fan” service for the presale?

The presale tickets were only meant for the so-called verified Taylor Swift fans, aiming to ensure that only loyal fans could get the tickets through their presale code. Evidently, those reselling tickets and inflating their prices to egregious extents are not “Verified Fans.” 

Not only are fans livid over scammers taking their spots in the presale, but also the canceling of the general sale of tickets broke the hearts of many more. 

BHS junior, Emily Melman, argued, “I think it is so unfair and wrong towards actual Taylor Swift fans. We were expecting organization because Taylor’s past tours were so well done but this is not what we wanted at all.” 

Swift fans only wanted Taylor. But now, all we get is “Error.”