The Eagle’s Cry Review: Netflix’s Outer Banks


On April 15, 2020, Netflix released a new show, Outer Banks. The show quickly gained support and developed a fanbase, taking the spot of Number 1 Netflix show just a day after its initial release. The show was released in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, allowing it to become popular, as it provided a feeling of comfort and normalcy to its viewers. 

Season 1, was set during the summer time in the Outer Banks (should be obvious considering the title). The main characters are all 16 year olds from different sides of the tracks. The show opens with the phrase, “The Outer Banks… it’s the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses, two tribes, one island.” The two tribes referred to are “Kooks” or the rich, spoiled, two houses-kind of people side of the island and “Pogues” or the surf, chill, eat and work two jobs side of the island. The story follows the “Pogues” as they embark on a dangerous treasure hunt, where the main goal is not just to find the gold, but also to make sure the “Kooks” don’t know anything about it. The characters followed in the show were instantly loved by the show’s audience, so let’s meet the main cast.

John Booker Routledge, or more commonly known as, John B, is portrayed by Chase Stokes. John B is a “Pogue” who is reeling from the mysterious disappearance of his father, Big John. He is quickly established as the show’s main character and leader of the “Pogues.”

Pope Heyward is portrayed by Jonathan Davis. He is the smartest of the “Pogues,” often talking about his goal of receiving a college scholarship. According to John B, Pope is “the brains on the operation.”

 Kiara “Kie” Carrera is portrayed by Madison Bailey. Technically, Kie is a “Kook” because she lives on “Figure Eight,” the rich side of the island, and her family is wealthy. However, the “Pogues” consider her their own and she is usually referred to as a “Pogue.” She is not friends with the “Kooks” and as the show continues we learn more about why.

JJ Maybank is portrayed by Rudy Pankow. JJ is John B’s carefree, troubled, reckless, and loyal best friend. He is a complicated character who often struggles between life with the “Pogues,” his best friends, and life with his abusive father. Rebecca Melman, an eighth grader at John F. Kennedy Middle School, said her favorite character is “JJ because he loves to have fun and when it comes to his friends he will do anything to make sure they are okay.”  “He has a funny sense of humor and takes action.” said Kayla Francavilla, a senior at Bethpage High School.

Sarah Cameron is portrayed by Madelyn Cline. She has grown up living the “Kook life,” but when she develops an interest in the treasure hunt, and the leader of the “Pogues,” her life starts to take a different track.

Ward Cameron is portrayed by Charles Esten. Ward is the wealthy father of Sarah, Wheezie, and Rafe. There’s much more to Ward than what’s initially shown in the first few episodes. Beneath the surface, Ward is a complicated character with dark morals consisting of manipulation and even murderous behavior.

There are a number of important individuals presented throughout the show, these are just the obvious leads. Other important figures include, Rafe Cameron, Topper, Sheriff Peterkin and Deputy Shoupe.

Although the original plot concerns the “Pogues” and their search for the island’s lost gold, the storyline quickly escalates leading to action based episodes filled with plot twists, rivalries, relationships, pain, and even death. Rebecca Perlman, a sophomore at Jericho High School said, ”Outer Banks was a very entertaining show. The characters were interesting and had good personalities.”

Season 1 ends on a major cliffhanger, as any fan would expect. The final episode of the pilot season provides viewers with a variety of questions and a rollercoaster of emotions. Since the show was such an early success, it was almost immediately renewed for a second season.

Season 2 premiered July 30, 2021 and again topped charts for “Best Netflix Show” released that year. New characters such as Cleo and Carla Limbrey were introduced. Fans can’t seem to get enough of this show’s lovable characters and action-packed episodes.

In fact, the show gained so much positive attention that it has been confirmed for a third season. Filming of the third season is already underway with a first-look trailer released last month. We do not know an exact release date for the new season but it is anticipated to be coming early 2023. 

Any true fan of the show can already assume that the show’s love will not be slowing down anytime soon. It is extremely likely that the show will continue on for a fourth and fifth season. Both seasons are filled with everyone’s favorite characters living through dangerous and inspiring adventures. The third season has been confirmed to follow this same level of drama and it can be expected that the dramatics will only increase as the show continues through later seasons. 

Ultimately, Outer Banks is a Netflix must-see. The characters, storyline, emotions, and cast choices are well thought out, providing viewers with a completely binge-worthy show. Whenever you decide to start this show, make sure you have snacks on hand, a comfy blanket, and ten episodes worth of free time because once you start, you won’t want to stop watching.