The Eagle’s Cry Sports Editors Present: Fantasy Football–Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Ems, 6th Edition


Brett Jassey, Sports Editor

Welcome to the 6th 2022 edition of Fantasy Football: Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Ems. Many students here at BHS are involved in fantasy football leagues. Many also fail to receive guidance on the important weekly decisions that may change the outcome of their matchups. I, along with guest analysts, will break down a handful of players at each position weekly and give you advice. Any readers with specific players they would like covered are encouraged to email to myself (at the end of this article) or other analysts. 


Here’s last week’s results: 


My Previous Starts:

QB: Tua Tagovailoa, QB2 (34 Points). Tua did indeed duel against the horrid Lions defense. In a showdown in which the Dolphins won 31-27, Tagovailoa exceeded expectations (380+ yards, 3 TD, 0 INT), and provided monster fantasy weeks for his trusty weapons Waddle and Hill. If you started a star on either team, such as Tua, you got a hefty performance. Big W.


RB: Tony Pollard, RB4 (35 Points). Well the killer picks continue on…Pollard demolished the Bears defense. With Elliott out with injury, Pollard had a ferocious game which included 3 touchdowns! What we all knew he was capable of with his speed and physicality finally was shown. Jerry Jones still won’t let him start over Zeke, but if Zeke goes down again, don’t think I won’t repeat this pick. In one of the many big performances this week, I get a big W.


WR: DJ Moore, WR5 (29 Points) and Devonta Smith, T-WR48 (7 Points). Woah…someone’s on a roll (it’s me). DJ Moore had an electric week in fantasy, highlighted by a last second hail mary 62-yard touchdown in which he received a lot of fantasy points and also a huge penalty which caused a missed extra point and then overtime then the Panthers lost. But do any of us actually care about if the Panthers won or not? No! We only care if our player played well, and he definitely did. But do you know who didn’t?

Devonta Smith. I mean, we can’t really blame him. His receiving counterpart AJ Brown had 156 yards and 3 touchdowns (nearly 4), and completely dominated all the receiving work. Smith was left in the shadows, and the ‘Slim Reaper’ wasn’t much of a nightmare on Halloween Eve. Sorry James Mertz.


TE: Irv Smith Jr., T-TE21 (6 points). Irv Smith was also not very terrifying to the opposing defense. I mean, if you played him this week, like Robbie Ackerly, he terrified you. But the Cardinals held him in check. In a game where both teams exceeded 26 points, you would’ve expected Smith Jr. to get involved in some way before he exited late with an injury. Unfortunately, that just was not the case in a week where numerous tight ends went ballistic. 


My Previous Sits

QB: Justin Fields, T-QB5 (30 Points). In such a high scoring week, some picks will fall through the cracks. Like benching Justin Fields for Tom Brady (my personal experience). Fields lit up the Cowboys in a 49-29 loss, going for over 200 total yards and 3 touchdowns. Such a performance warrants him to be picked up among many leagues, especially if you’re being plagued by poor QB play or if your QB has a bye coming up. 


RB: James Robinson, T-RB59 (1 Points). James Mertz, I told you to sit him. I told you! Should’ve listened buddy. Robinson was clearly not a startable player, as previously stated. That’s likely why you’re nearly in last place, Mr. Mertz. Robinson will continue to backup Michael Carter until proven otherwise. 


WR: Christian Kirk, T-WR48 (7 Points). Kirk did little in a boring London performance. 7 points won’t kill your lineup, but it won’t help it either. Kirk will have his good weeks, as will QB Trevor Lawrence, but this wasn’t one of them in a game where Travis Etienne shined. 


TE: Darren Waller, N/A (0 points). I expected Waller to play this week, as did many credible sources. Unfortunately, his injury was too much for him to handle this week. So, in the case of integrity, this pick counts as nothing but embarrassing for me. 


I’m a harsh critic of myself, but I’d say I was 5/8 (62.5%) for last week, and 24/38 (63.2%) on the year. 


So now, heading into Week 9, here’s my advice:


Start ‘Ems (Who you should START this week)


QB: Trevor Lawrence (Jacksonville)

The past two weeks, I have selected a pass-catcher from Jacksonville (Engram, Kirk). This week, I pick their quarterback to have a big week. Lawrence has been largely disappointing in his short, two year career, but has shown flashes of the potential he showed throughout his collegiate career. This week, against the very worst passing defense in the league, Lawrence must tap into that untouched potential and give you a solid 25+ point outing if you’re in need of a pinch starter due to injury, bye, or weak performance. 


RB: Miles Sanders (Philadelphia)

In this Thursday Night matchup, nothing besides an injury—in my mind—can stop the surprising Miles Sanders from abusing the fractured Texans defense. After just releasing their starting linebacker and run stopper, the already awful Houston defensive corps (32nd best vs. the run) will be giving up points left and right, and one can only assume Sanders would get involved. Start him as an RB2 or FLEX.


WR: Marquez Valdes-Scantling (Kansas City)

I’m not usually one to pick my own team, but this Sunday Night duel between the 5-2 Titans and Chiefs should be filled with points. Valdes-Scantling has consistently shown his ability to score points, either through a touchdown or a hefty chunk of yards. With Mahomes showing more and more trust in him weekly, MVS should provide a nice amount of points against the 3rd worst defense against WRs if you need a WR3/FLEX this week. 


TE: Gerald Everett (Los Angeles A)

Everett is more of a hunch this week than anything. In an offense likely missing their top two pass catchers, Mike Williams and Keenan Allen, they will have to look elsewise for their targets. Gerald Everett, along with Josh Palmer and DeAndre Carter, all seem to be reliable options in what we can assume will be a semi-high scoring bout. Play Everett if your TE is not Kelce, Andrews, or Ertz. 


Sit ‘Ems (Who you should SIT this week)


QB: Marcus Mariota (Atlanta)

Marcus Mariota, aka Super Mario, will not be super this week. I do not have stats to back me up on this. The Chargers pass defense has been nothing short of mediocre this year (17th best), and Mariota is coming off a month-long stretch where he has been the 5th best QB in terms of total points. You may be seeing this and saying, Brett, it seems he will provide competent points for my QB position this week. Well my gut is telling me that this man is still Marcus Mariota, bust of a first round pick for the Titans. My gut is telling me Mr. Mariota’s hot streak ends here, against a Chargers team that should be playing better than it is. 


RB: Jonathan Taylor (Indianapolis)

[Note: this player is limited in practice for Week 9 as of Thursday evening with an ankle injury, and is likely considered questionable]

“He’s a defective product” says Robbie “Warm Ears” Ackerly. A simple, yet strong statement. I can only expect, against a New England defense that has time and time shut down runningbacks, a hobbled and disappointing Taylor would do what he has been: not much. I understand you drafted Mr. Taylor with your first pick, and you expected a 2021-like season, but something is not right with this Colts offense. Sit him. 


WR: Rondale Moore (Arizona)

Rondale Moore has been a highly inconsistent and confusing fantasy player since his rookie year last year. He has shown flashes some games of speediness and abilities, and then he has been capped in a monotone Arizona offense to little yardage plays. This week, against a Seattle defense (and team) that is completely rolling right now, I see Moore being shutdown. Although Moore did well last week, as did DeAndre Hopkins, I can’t see both of them shining in the spotlight together against a good pass defense. 


TE: TJ Hockenson (Minnesota)

If you own TJ Hockenson, you’re probably super hyped that he is finally moving out of Detroit, the team that has capped his potential for so long. Finally, an offense that can support a steady stream of points has traded for Hockenson. But temper your expectations for this week. He will take some time to learn the playbook and become accustomed to his role. Even with there being no competition for targets this early, and a strong head coach who will look to get Hockenson the ball on set plays, he will not have a strong debut on such short notice. The #2 defense in the NFl vs. Fantasy TEs will stay atop against Hockenson and Co. 


Thank you for tuning in. If you have requests for next edition, email me at [email protected]. Good luck this week to all!