Isles Sign Barzal to Lengthy Deal: BHS Reacts



The New York Islanders young star Mathew Barzal has agreed to an 8 year contract with the team worth $73.2 million with an average annual value of $9.15 million. In the upcoming season Barzal would have been set to become a restricted free agent.


Barzal was drafted 16th overall in 2015 and throughout his six seasons with the team he has racked up 91 goals and 220 assists. Barzal won the Calder trophy in the 2017-18 season where he tallied his career high of 85 points. Barzal has been rather disappointing since, besides the 2017-18 season the highest number of points he has put up in a season was 62.


James Mertz, a junior at Bethpage high school is an islanders fan and doesnt like the extension. and said that “the contract was an overpay” and that Barzal has not played up to his worth in the extension. James also said that “the islanders should have waited the contract out to see how he plays this upcoming season before paying him that much money.”


Jake McAuliffe, a junior at Bethpage high school and a Rangers fan similar to James, agrees that Barzal’s contract was an “overpay,” although Jake believes that Barzal “has what it takes” to step up this year. Jake said that “the islanders wouldn’t pay him all this money if he wasn’t going to be a huge part of the team’s success this season.”


Students aren’t the only ones with opinions, however. BHS social studies teacher Mr. McCoy said it was a “great deal for the Islanders”. He also said, “with the salary cap going up approximately 10 million over the next 4 years, deals will get bigger and bigger and the Islanders locked up their franchise player early.”


Although there are mixed opinions on Barzal’s new extension, Barzal is still a very talented player who  will have to prove to many that he is worth all that money during the 2022-2023 season.