The Eagle’s Cry Interview: Gianna Buto


Gianna Buto is a senior at Bethpage High School. She is an active participant within the school as co-captain of the Bethpage Varsity Swim team–this year will be her fourth–and a returning member of the softball team. Her vivacious personality and friendliness makes her both a great classmate and friend. The Eagle’s Cry decided to interview Gianna to discuss her interests, hobbies, and life inside and out of Bethpage High School. 


The Eagle’s Cry: How has your day been?


Gianna: Good and productive, how was yours?


The Eagle’s Cry: Good, thanks for asking. Currently, what career do you see yourself pursuing?


Gianna: I want to major in fashion merchandising in college. Not sure exactly what career whether it be styling or advertising but definitely something with clothes.


The Eagle’s Cry: Who is your biggest fashion influence?


Gianna: On social media, I’ve been following Emma Chamberlain on every platform as well as listening to her podcasts. I follow a lot of professional stylists on Instagram. I also watch fashion competitions Project Runway and the Met Gala when streamed to get ideas. And my mom, who brings me to her job as a fashion professor and lets me run her fashion shows with her. Whenever I need outfit advice: I ask her. 


The Eagle’s Cry: What colleges are you considering attending?

Gianna: As of now, I know I’m applying to the University of Rhode Island out of state and going to their open house. I’m applying to FIT in the city.  I am also applying to SUNYs such as UBuffalo and Oneonta. 


The Eagle’s Cry: What is your biggest fear revolving around college? What are you most excited for?


Gianna: I am excited to meet new people and start learning more about what interests me (they don’t talk much about fashion in high school). I would like to go away but I am also a little scared to be that independent and I hate doing laundry. I’m going to miss seeing my parents a lot.


The Eagle’s Cry: How do you feel about this being your last year at BHS? 


Gianna: Bittersweet. I made a lot of friends I’m going to miss and there’s always some comfort of knowing most people around you. I think I’m ready to leave though.


The Eagle’s Cry: What is the best piece of advice you have received? 


Gianna: I told my great grandpa about something that was stressing me out at the time and although he doesn’t talk much, he told me to never settle for less than you want. And that growth isn’t constant, there’s ups and downs.


The Eagle’s Cry: To finish this interview off, what is one thing you would like to share with the students of Bethpage High School? 


Gianna: Getting to this point made me realize that I shouldn’t underestimate myself and that it isn’t as scary as it seemed to be when I was younger. Sometimes you just have to coast and see what happens next.