Clash in the Big Apple: Yankees vs Mets

Clash in the Big Apple: Yankees vs Mets

Many students at BHS follow one of the two New York baseball teams–Yankees or Mets, a rivalry that’s been brewing for decades. It has been causing arguments between New Yorkers for years and many more to come. Students and teachers themselves will evaluate this debate as they sit down with The Eagle’s Cry and solve this New York clash.


The 27-time World Series Champion Yankees and the two-time World Series Champion Mets both have large fanbases. However these two groups of fans tend to argue with each other over what is the better team. Many will argue that because the Yankees have more world series rings they are the better team but Mets fans disagree.


“27 is in the past. It’s the Mets time now,” said 15-year-old BHS sophomore Tommy Lagon. We can talk forever on who we think is better but that’s not what we’re here for, let’s leave it up to BHS.


Who will have a better postseason?  It is a question that every baseball fan wonders from time to time, and Tommy is no exception. 


“The Mets will because the Yankees are going to get swept by the Astros,” Lagan said. Starting off strong with a Mets fan for life taking shots at the Yankees claiming that they will get swept by their rival in Texas. Lagan talked about how the trade deadline went and who did better. 


Tommy said, “The Mets acquiring Danny Voleglbach and the Yankees getting only Frankie Montas who hasn’t been great.” He stood by the Mets and claimed that they were better and will be better throughout the playoffs. 


Let’s get to the other side of the argument. Vito Lonardo, a junior and Yankee fan for 9 years chimed in on the argument. 


“I think the Yankees did better. Even though Frankie Montas has not performed, he has playoff potential.” He didn’t stop there; he continued to talk about the postseason, another big topic.


 “The Mets will do better. They simply have better pitching.” A Yankee fan giving credit to the Mets is a conversation that may seem foreign to many but Yankee fans are not the only ones feeling kind. 


15 year old Mets fan James Stiffa chimed in on the trade deadline.


 “The Yankees did better because they got Benintendi and Montas,” said James.  A debate that sparks fire in the students of BHS also shows the unity of New York baseball. As groups of fans who generally dislike each other give their opinions on why the other team is better in some aspects  it shows the community aspect across BHS through the game of baseball.


One aspect of New York baseball is parents. Parents are a huge influence on what team their children side with. Julia Casino, a Mets fan and softball player of 8 years, said “My dad keeps me a Mets fan…” 


Marco Perla, a Yankee fan and a sophomore at BHS, said “I’m a Yankee fan because of my dad.” Another aspect that is similar between these conflicting fan bases is the unification of parents and kids through the game. They may differ on which team they side with but they can agree on one thing: the root of being a fan.


The argument runs rampant among students in BHS but they are not the only ones rallying for their team. Two experienced staff members at BHS Mr. Benjamin and Mr. Fisher gave their take on the argument. 


Mr. Benjamin is a veteran guidance counselor of 20 years and an experienced baseball player. 

While talking about being a Mets fan he stated, “I’ve been bleeding blue and orange my whole life. My dad raised me to be loyal and I’ve been following that forever.” That loyalty to their team is a constant among New York baseball fans but its need has been greatly reduced according to Mr. Benjamin. If he is correct the Mets will do well in the postseason despite any possible bumps in the road.


Benjamin stated, “Well be in great shape. I think we did well without our star pitchers and now that everybody is back I think we’re going to be unstoppable.” Mr. Benjamin has been a fan of a team that has struggled in recent years but that loyalty has paid off in the form of what he believes is a championship caliber team. 


Mr. Fisher, the varsity baseball coach and an experienced social studies teacher here at BHS. He has been playing baseball or coaching it for his whole life. From the middle school to varsity Mr. Fisher has coached it all in Bethpage. So who better to ask? He is a Yankee fan at heart siding with his dad against the rest of his family who are mostly Mets fans. 


While talking about who did better at the trade deadline Mr. Fisher stated, “I think the Mets did because I don’t think the Yankees pushed all their chips to the table and I think they should have.” Although he believes that the Mets did better in that aspect, Mr. Fisher believes that the Yankees will go farther into the postseason. 


Fisher stated, “If you analyze it the Mets might run into the Braves and they may be able to upend the Mets. So that can be quick whereas the Yankees, even if they are not the better team, have an easier start to their postseason.” 


The debate sparks anger in students but it also stands as a front for students and staff at BHS to come together and talk about a common thing: New York baseball. When looking at the argument it is important to remember that although these fanbases may generally dislike each other they still have positive things to say and they all are fans of New York baseball. Many ended their interviews with “Go Mets” or “Go Yankees” but this debate will be settled in a couple of weeks with the postseason approaching. Only time will tell.