Robbie Ackerly and James Mertz

Hello again, welcome back to NFL Predictions with myself—Robbie Ackerly—and James Mertz. On tap this week is a recap of what went down last week and what we think will happen during this one. First let’s see what happened this past Sunday and Monday. 


Last Week’s Locks


One of us hit the nail on the head with our lock. Spoiler alert, it was me. The Green Bay Packers by the skin of their teeth defeated the Bailey Zappe led New England Patriots in a 27-24 overtime thriller. Mertz on the other hand had the Detroit Lions routing the Seattle Seahawks, and while the Lions put up a hefty 45 points they were outdueled by Seattle 48 to 45. 


Last Week’s Upsets


Once again, one of us was right, the other was not. This time it was Mertz when the Atlanta Falcons took down the Cleveland Browns in a nail biter. Yet again, Jacoby Brisset threw a game sealing Interception to cornerback Dee Alford allowing the Falcons to pull this one off. My upset was a close game as well with the Baltimore Ravens falling to the Buffalo Bills 23-20 behind a poor performance from Lamar Jackson who up until this point had been absolutely uncontainable. 


Total Results


Mertz got the better of me this week, finishing with an overall record of 12-3 compared to my lackluster performance of 10-5. 


Week 5 Predictions


And with the recap out of the way let us move on to week 5. 


Let’s switch it up this week, I’ll start us off. 


Ackerly’s Lock Of The Week


The Buffalo Bills defense was the first team to find the answer for Lamar Jackson last week as they took down the Ravens. Not much needs to be said here, expect nothing short of an obliteration this week as the Bills are sure to decimate a Pittsburgh Steelers team that is currently at a quarterback crossroads. 


Ackerly’s Upset Alert!


The Denver Broncos should seriously be called the Denver Disappointments at this point. What seemed like a blockbuster trade for superstar quarterback Russell Wilson has been a disaster as Wilson has failed to prove his worth leading the Broncos to a mid 2-2. Speaking of failing to meet expectations, the Indianapolis Colts are sitting at a poor 1-2-1. Javonte Williams is out for the year which is a huge loss for an already struggling Broncos offense. On paper the Broncos have the better team and record heading into this one, however don’t be fooled by the Colts poor beginnings. I think this is a playoff potential football team that will get back on track with a win on primetime. 


The Rest Of Ackerly’s Picks


Green Bay Packers def. New York Giants

Detroit Lions def. New England Patriots 

Los Angeles Chargers def. Cleveland Browns

Jacksonville Jaguars def. Houston Texans

Atlanta Falcons def. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New York Jets def. Miami Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings def. Chicago Bears

Washington Commanders def. Tennessee Titans

Seattle Seahawks def. New Orleans Saints

San Francisco 49ers def. Carolina Panthers 

Philadelphia Eagles def. Arizona Cardinals

Dallas Cowboys def. Los Angeles Rams

Baltimore Ravens def. Cincinnati Bengals

Kansas City Chiefs def. Las Vegas Raiders


Now that my picks are wrapped up; Mertz, let’s hear it. 


Mertz’s Lock Of The Week


Ackerly picked his favorite team as his lock last week, well I’m picking my favorite team this week. The New England Patriots are back home rocking the sweet throwback red unis and there ain’t no way the greatest coach of all time Bill Belichick is letting this team go 1-4. The Pats may not have starting QB Mac Jones or backup QB Brian Hoyer but it doesn’t matter who’s playing QB. The New England Patriots will run the ball down the throat of the terrible Detroit Lions defense on the road to an easy victory.


Mertz’s Upset Alert!


Here’s a stat. It’s been over 1000 days since the lowly New York Jets defeated an opponent in their own division. Well that drought ends this Sunday! The Jets will take down the Dolphins with backup QB Teddy Bridgewater and move to 3-2. Zach Wilson is back and fully focused on football and not moms so watch out because when the Jets win this week they may be tied for 1st place in the AFC East. J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!


The Rest Of Mertz’s Picks


Indianapolis Colts def. Denver Broncos

Green Bay Packers def. New York Giants

LA Chargers def. Cleveland Browns

Jacksonville Jaguars def. Houston Texans

Tampa Bay Buccaneers def. Atlanta Falcons

Minnesota Vikings def. Chicago Bears

Tennessee Titans def. Washington Commanders

New Orleans Saints def. Seattle Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers def. Carolina Panthers

Philadelphia Eagles def. Arizona Cardinals

LA Rams def. Dallas Cowboys

Baltimore Ravens def. Cincinnati Bengals

Las Vegas Raiders def. Kansas City Chiefs


There you have it once again, myself and Mertz’s week 5 NFL predictions. Let us know who you think had the better picks down below in the comments and feel free to comment your own picks down there as well. Thank you for reading! See you all next week.