The Eagle’s Cry Remembers BHS Trainer Joe Killeen


On September 18, 2022, beloved athletic trainer Joe Killeen passed away after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. Not only was Mr. Killeen an outstanding trainer for decades at Bethpage High School, he was also an exceptional husband, father, friend, colleague, and role model. 

Whether it be just a friendly face in the building or a true dependable friend, Joe touched the lives of everyone who met him during his time in the district. In order to remember him properly, The Eagle’s Cry interviewed individuals from Bethpage High School who felt Joe’s impact on our community. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, to choose from.

Mr. Fisher, a history teacher and baseball coach at BHS, shared some memories and moments he had with Joe.

“Joe was a friend,” Mr. Fisher said. “He was someone I talked to a lot… he would give me advice about the kids…he was always around for you… he was always there to help you with what you had going on.”

Mr. Fisher continued, “He was always here, even towards the end… he didn’t have to keep coming here, but he did… I’ve never met anyone who was a more positive, genuinely sincere person… everything he did was to help people. He was just an amazing person to know.” 

Even those who didn’t have a deep connection with Joe but still knew him as a colleague were impacted by his positivity and kind heart. Mr. Whittemore, an English teacher at BHS and former coach, shared some words about his time working with Joe.

“He was always available to the kids,” Mr. Whittemore said. “And there was a nice sense of security knowing that he was a real professional.”

As an athletic trainer, Joe spent his time helping student athletes whether it was because they were injured or because they simply needed to go to someone for help. Everybody who knew Joe acknowledged his dedication towards helping those in need.

Mr. Whittemore talked about how even just passing Joe in the lobby impacted his day. “It’ll be odd, and sad, not to pass him on the way out of the building every day.”

Whether you knew him personally or not, there are still so many positive things to say about Joe. Mr. Malossi, another English teacher at BHS and another former coach who worked with Joe, shared some words about their friendship. 

“He was a smiling face around the building and was truly wonderful with his student athletes. He put people at ease naturally, which is always tougher with teenagers… the athletes always seemed comfortable around Joe. Because they sensed that he genuinely cared–and, as an athlete, that he’d been there.”

Joe provided support and created a safe environment for everyone to feel comfortable in. Mr. Malossi continued, “He was just a nice person in general and a great father…always talking about his kids. He was an accomplished athlete and a really smart guy, and his kids followed in his footsteps.”

Not only did Joe Killeen impact the lives of those he worked with and helped, but he also had his own family that looked up to him more than anyone. As we mourn the loss of such an important figure in our high school community, sharing memories of Joe is vital. It’s hard to forget someone that left a dramatic impact on so many lives.

Joe Killeen left our school a legacy of class and dignity, and he was a role model for the students of BHS. Rest in peace, Joe.