The Daily Ayden: Goodbye

In life,  it becomes imperative to bid farewell to people and things that we hold dear. My time working with The Eagle’s Cry has been a very fun, and interesting time. I have made great friends in the class, written some of my most philosophical pieces, and most importantly, enjoyed putting my thoughts out there for everyone to read at their leisure.

As a senior, I am obviously not going to be here for much longer. These last three weeks are an important final chapter in the story of my high school career. I look back almost in awe, I can’t even believe that these four years have sped by so fast, part of me feels I took those glory days for granted.

Goodbyes are really hard. Honestly, parting ways with this paper is tough, especially considering next year there won’t even be a journalism class due to lack of enrollment. It’s a bittersweet symphony, that’s life. As happy as I am to start the next chapter of my life, and live the next four years in paradise at Tampa, I am definitely scared to leave behind everyone and everything here that I hold dear.

My career here has been successful to say the least, an accoladed athlete, impressive grades, and I am proud to say most of my teachers liked me…most. I was hoping that as I part with the school, my teachers, and my team, I can do so in such a way to leave a sort of legacy, some moving words that all can heed.

Take life slowly. Rush no process and trust it as you go through it. There is a reason for all of the trials we endure. I would not be able to stand here looking down fondly upon my achievements had I not trusted the guidance I received, or the lessons I learned.

Don’t be afraid to scrape your knees. Skin grows back. Even if you break a bone here or there, they reset stronger. We almost never break. Temporarily we find ourselves hindered, but there is simply no circumstance we can’t overcome. Take it from me, there is really no one thing that can ever beat you except assuming room temperature, but getting wrapped up in that whole dilemma is too pessimistic, even for me.

Goodbye, everyone. Thank you for everything.