The Eagle’s Cry: How did you get into a band:

 Mr. Malossi: “I was really into alternative rock, rock and roll music and it was big in the 90s. Rap wasn’t big back then. I wanted to make music, I loved music, so a bunch of my friends and I learned how to play music and took off from there. A couple years later we signed a record deal.”


 The Eagle’s Cry: What was your part in the band:


 Mr. Malossi: In the first band I played in I played the guitar and sang backup vocals. The second band, the lead singer, left to go to LA so I took over and that’s when we signed a contract, toured, and we were taking off.”


The Eagle’s Cry: Where are the best places you’ve been to cause of the band 

  Mr. Malossi: “ I’ve been to 46 states”


 The Eagle’s Cry: What was the best experience you’ve had 

  Mr. Malossi: “ we headlined a show out in seattle with like 3,000 people that was fun”


 The Eagle’s Cry: Why did you leave the band?


 Mr. Malossi: “ The year before I left I had driven 35,000 miles in like 4 months, and I was exhausted. Nobody else in my band was very responsible; like they weren’t really responsible people.”


 The Eagle’s Cry: What made you want to become a teacher?


 Mr. Malossi: “ I was talking to my cousin; he was a highschool senior. I loved talking to him about the books; hes a huge reader”


 The Eagle’s Cry: What classes do you teach?


 Mr. Malossi: “I teach ap seminar, journalism ,wordplay, ap lang, and TV news.”


The Eagle’s Cry: What’s the funniest thing a student ever said to you?


 Mr. Malossi: “A kid once said to a girl in the class,” Can I have your number, I haven’t had a date in 15 years.”


The Eagle’s Cry: How long have you been working @ bethpage?

“This is my 17th year.”

The Eagle’s Cry: What are some things you didn’t expect when becoming a teacher?

 Mr. Malossi: “The first thing a kid ever said to me why the ^$#^^ do I have to be here?