Top 5 Luxury Cars

Cars are a thing everyone gets and needs at a time in their life. However Luxurious cars are something people dream about. So if you get the chance to buy one of these cars you should know your choices. In this article I will be ranking the top five best luxury cars you can get. From suv’s to sedans.


5.Bmw Alpina. The cost of this car is 141,300. This is less than the cost of the other cars, but it is still very luxurious. This car is also sportier than others, it has 612 hp and many comfort features on the interior. The alpina was ranked below the maybach only for one reason which was comfort. The bmw is very comfortable but the maybach is just better when it comes to comfort, and since this list is based on luxury the Maybach gets placed higher. 


4.Mercedes Maybach. The cost of this car is 185,950. This is a substantial price difference when compared to the Alpina, and there is a valid reason for it. This car is one of the most comfortable you can get. The suspension makes it so you can’t feel a thing at all when driving, even when going over bumps it feels like you’re floating. Moreover the backseats in this car can turn into beds and there is a wine holder for you in the back, and the chairs are massagable, so this leads to one of the most comfortable/ luxurious driving experiences you can get. However this car was placed fourth because there are other cars that are even more luxurious. 


3.Bentley Flying spur. The cost of this car is 196,000. This is a price even greater than the Maybach. THis car is the fastest luxury sedan you can get . It comes with 542 to 626 hp, and with a 0-60 of 3.5 seconds. However even though it is so fast it still is extremely luxurious. It is the only car on the list that has a main dash that rotates to show different screens when pressing a button. This car also has one of the cleanest displays. In the back the car has extra cushioned seats and it has a center console in the back with a screen you can take out. Then with this ipad/ screen you can control all of the functions in the car including massage seats and privacy screens on the window’s. This car might seem unbeatable but there is one type of car that has the ultimate luxury experience which is the Rolls Royce.


2.Rolls Royce Ghost. The cost of this car is 311,900. The Rollys Royce is the epitome of luxury because nothing can beat it when it comes to luxury. It has automatic climate control, massaging seats, and the smoothest ride you can get. The automatic  climate control controls the temperature in the car based on how hot or cold your body is. So to keep you at optimal amounts of comfort the car will monitor you and use climate control, as needed for your body. Another amazing feature of this car is it is dead silent as soon as you close the door you can be in the middle of the city nda as soon as you close the door you won’t hear a thing. However their is one car even better than this, the Rolls Royce phantom.


1.Rollys royce phantom. The price of this car is 455,000 dollars. This car encompasses all the features of the Rolls Royce ghost but it also has other  features.The biggest difference is the four wheel steering system, in which the back wheels turn a maximum of 3 inches when turning to increase maneuverability. This feature also makes the ride even smoother. FInally another over the top luxurious feature is that the phantom is bullet proof. Furthermore, the best luxury car money can get you is the Rolls Royce phantom.So  even-though this is the best car,  any other car on this list is still a  good choice.