Will Class of 2022 experience return to normalcy?


The year 2022, is uncertain due to the step of normalcy approaching. Nearly 76.7 million Americans or in other words, 23.1% of the population, have been fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. With the vaccine, people all over the world hope to return back to the ways of life before March 13, 2020. Outdoor events, concerts, traveling, professional sports games, family gatherings, theme parks, and coming within six feet of other people and eliminating face masks. Many people have been hopeful and optimistic thinking of the upcoming year or two, including the graduating Bethpage High School class of 2022. 

To a high school student, senior year is most memorable. Privileges of a senior at Bethpage involve choices: Senior Period, Early Release, Senior Seminar, English 12, Health and Careers in sciences and many more! 

With more freedom and privileges given being the oldest comes with more responsibilities. 

Some activities throughout the year that are designed for seniors spotlight include portraits,cut day(s), prom superlatives, graduation, and especially annual yearbook distribution. 


To some students that day is most exciting because one book per senior gets passed around awaiting to be written all over with phone numbers, signatures, inside jokes, and heartfelt messages and memories. Another highlight of a senior year is Battle of the Classes which is run through the student council. All the grades participate in fun games and hope to win their names on the famous trophy. Every year the seniors attempt their best to win, especially wanting to make their last battle the best and winning one.

Eagles Cry interviewed members of the class of 2022 about the next school year including Kosta Anagnostou, Emily Williams, Areesha Hiranand, and Michael Menz. All of these juniors are looking forward to next school year since it will be their last year in the Bethpage School District. Six months after the pandemic struck the Board of Education made crucial decisions regarding the new 2020-2021 school year. A year has passed and COVID is still a serious threat, but the spread has decreased significantly. There are only 116 new cases reported each day compared to in January when there were 1,234. More vaccines and less cases leads to a tremendous path for quicker regularity.   

Changes in “no social distancing, no restrictions, no masks and shields” are some hopeful outlooks according to Michael Menz. Areesha Hiranand and Emily Williams both agree that they hope “to see no more barriers next year.” Not only does next year have to be primarily focused on the pandemic, self improvement can also be an idea one can look forward to before college. Personally to Kosta Anagnostou, he is looking for himself to change his outlook on improved “self confidence and positivity”. 

The continuation of wearing masks was a common answer between all four interviewees when looking towards the future. An interesting point by Michael Menz which is notable to mention is how he believes “social distancing will remain”.

If the school year is the same and the regulations have not changed (hopefully not the case) Emily Williams will “continue with clubs and sports”. Additionally she claims she will “make the best out of the time she has left”. Asserting a sentimental outlook Areesha Hiranand admitted she will “be safe and spend time with the ones she loves”. 

The last question Eagles Cry proposed to these juniors is, What is the most exciting feature of senior year that you’re looking forward to?

Although this year has not been ideal, the juniors still look forward to “prom, graduation, sports and especially graduating!”