The Daily Ayden Morales:


Perhaps it is the fault only of myself that I sit here tapping away aimlessly at the keys of my new MacBook Pro and feel lost in thought. So today, I will share my thoughts as they flow into my dome, naturally.

One of the things I find most interesting about my own life is my intensity. People from the outside looking ion may say im high strung, or say that I’m just a goofball. That, is not me. People don’t even realize the actual man that is Ayden Morales. The scariest part is, I sometimes wonder if I am in the same shoes as them, and my perception is flawed.

Who really am I? What is this world? I can’t help but ponder the deep conundrums of metaphysical dilemma and question self and surroundings. I mean at any given moment the foundation of our universe could be uprooted and we would never even know! (Its true!) I mean we are literally husks of meat that search tirelessly for meaning on a floating rock and yet here I am writing like it holds any sort of significance. Apologies if this is rather macabre, I just have been struggling to truly pinpoint something which is concrete in this cursed coil.

I mean at the end of the day, what even is factual? Human error is so common that I can hardly count to four on my fingers without second guessing myself and yet I’m trusting the mathematics of some snarky genius because they have a diploma from Harvard? Everyone thought that The Earth was flat for millennia and yet here I am believing the cosmic theories put in place by great minds like Stephen Hawking and Neil DeGrasse Tyson? I mean scientific “fact” is constantly subject to change, and theories are constantly disproven and fallacies debunked. It becomes hard for me to discern real from fake,I mean they’re both just words anyway…

On that note, what even is language? How can one word describe something so universally well that all languages are similar enough for us to learn them all. I mean language is so unique in the sense that it perfectly describes everything. The word “pen” to describe a pen, just makes sense. Same with every other word in the dictionary. How come a plate isn’t elephant? How even does that work? The absurdity is endless and my mind is running to so many different corners trying to figure it out. I mean sure, plate isn’t elephant because that’s not what we named it, but what if it was? I can’t say for certain, but would it alter human history entirely? Would wars have stopped would babies have never been born?

I don’t know if any of that was cohesive, but I know in my head I can’t even pinpoint a single thought that runs through my mind at the moment. These mental tangents I go on last for many hours, if not days, so excuse me while I recite the entire script of 2010 hit animated drama comedy Tango starring Johnny Depp as Rango the Lizard.