The Daily Ayden: March 24, 2021

The Daily Ayden: March 24, 2021

A hot topic that’s suddenly seen a surge is that of Communism, Socialism, and Marxism. In the common day, we should not even consider enacting any communist or socialist ideas, yet here we are, begging to overthrow capitalist systems that have flourished for centuries now. Not to say that those who believe in such are wrong, but I do implore any marxists to give 1984 a read. However, considering that they actually believe in and support communism, maybe Animal Farm is more their speed.

That quip was all in good taste, but I would like to quickly address this issue with my personal stance, and place the blame where I believe it belongs: in the American education system. It is no secret that education is far from perfect, and while we children are young and impressionable, it is very easy to shape our minds to the whim of the molder.

Now, the issue isn’t the education system as a whole, rather it’s the educators themselves. Most students just take in what they learn and accept it as their reality, and unfortunately we as youngins are easily swindled to think like sheep, to not question self and reality

The issue derives from the false reality portrayed by external sources, and our willingness to believe it. From a young age, we are told to trust adults, and to do so wholeheartedly, and that is where the deception starts. For instance, parents across the country convince their children that a jolly fat man breaks into their homes and leaves them gifts. A sentiment with good intentions instills a false belief that those who are older are wiser, and know better. This however, is seldom the case. Specifically in Universities, higher and higher numbers of students are starting to lean left and preach ideals of equality for all through socialist ideals. This is just absurd.

Not to push the blame on the left, as my quarrel isn’t with the ideals of their party or their ideals, but the extreme left that believes in these detrimental ideas is a threat to Democracy. They are the next generation which will take over the government, and they will vote with these philosophies in mind, and continue to teach it to their children wrongly, unweaving the stitching that holds the country together.

Socialism, Communism, and Marxism just don’t work. Not on paper, not in practice. 

We all want equality, sure, but what’s the comparison? When people preach the idea of being equal, they mean to barons who have made their fortune singlehandedly, overcoming and beating the system that supposedly quells us. They compare themselves to Gods among men, and they don’t see the flaw in their rationale. Think of it like this, under a communist regime, with a socialist economy, you wouldn’t be equal to Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffet, but you, and everyone you know and love, and everyone else, would be the lowly pauper you see and pity living in a tenement, drinking and smoking their misery away. 

If that appeals to you, then all I can say is добро пожаловать в новую россию товарищ.