THE DAILY AYDEN: March 18, 2021

THE DAILY AYDEN: March 18, 2021

The Micropterus Salmoides is one of the most interesting and fun species of fish to exist for fishing purposes. While Long Island isn’t necessarily the hot spot for freshwater fishing, we have a considerably good population of the Largemouth Bass.

Kids and grown-ups alike can share the interest of fishing, and there are quite a few honey holes where you can spend hours catching these desirable fish. I do not recommend eating them by any means, but the fight they out up is fun considering their smaller size.

Certain spots house smaller bass, ranging from 6-12 inches and a pound to 2. However, with proper knowledge of lures, and spawn times, a nice 3-5 pounder isn’t as elusive as one may think. 

Spawn usually starts late May to mid June, much later than most places in the continental United States. This works to the anglers advantage, in that we enjoy nicer weather and finer sights. Anywho, the spawn is best for catching predatorial bass, throw out a green pumpkin colored plastic worm texas-rigged, lightly jig or deadstick, and you’ll be catching them in no time.




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