Top Late Night Drive Songs


Often Late night drives can be considered therapeutic for many teenagers after a long week of school. Maybe it’s the moments of belting lyrics in a car full of friends or the motion of the bass felt throughout the whole car. Overall these moments with friends make you feel as if there are no responsibilities at that very moment. With this being said I have made a list of my top favorite songs to listen to on a late night drive. These songs are very mainstream however, I wanted to provide a well known list.


1.“ 505” by Arctic Monkeys 

This song truly makes life feel as if it is a coming of age teen film. When played in a car full of friends I feel that all my responsibilities disappear.


2. “Secrets” by The Weekend

The Weekend is one of my favorite artists. I can honestly say I have almost liked every single one of his songs. This song is partially what I love the most. Everytime my friend and I go on our therapeutic car ride for the week this song is a must. 


3.“No Role Modelz” By J. Cole

J. Cole is an iconic artist that can never release a bad song. This song is easily one of the best hip hop songs of our generation. This song at parties in any state will never be skipped.


4. “3005” By Childish Gambino

“3005” gives off immaculate vibes while driving down an empty road late at night. This song reminds me of an intimate relationship that you will never forget. 


5. “Ivy” By Frank Ocean

Ivy is an emotional masterpiece that perfectly captures late night emotions. Any song by Frank Ocean is truly a work of art and will always be some of my favorite pieces.


6. “The Less I know the Better” By Tame Impala

Tame Impala gives me good vibes in all of his music. His music gives me a very peaceful and euphoric feeling as I listen. This song specifically gives off an adventurous vibe making me want to make crazy late night memories with my friends.


7. “90210”  By Travis Scott

This song gives almost area 51 late night drive vibes. It’s hard to explain but I feel as if I am in another galaxy while listening to this song. Even though I have never been to the desert it truly gives off those vibes for me.


8. “Flashing Lights” By Kanye West

This is a classic song by the musical genius himself, Kanye West. Kanye’s old songs always have a special place on my playlist and will never be skipped in the car.


9. “She” By Harry Styles 

Harry Styles not only being a great role model for this generation also has a very angelic voice. His song “She” is a beautiful song that perfectly sets the mood on a peaceful late night drive.


10. “Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi

One of my favorite summer songs. Reminds me of a house party on the beach after a long day in the sun. I can imagine listening to this song when I’m older and it takes me back to the good old days.


11. “Pray for Love” Travis Scott and The Weekend

This song gives me the ultimate city vibes. This is because of the time my cousin and I drove to the city during quarantine in the middle of the night to see how empty it was. As this song blasted through her speakers we were truly introduced to our new reality.


12. “Knock Knock” By Mac Miller 

This song is one of my favorite party songs and truly is a crowd favorite at parties. Even after his tragic death, Mac Millers is still honored through his fans’ love for his music. Mac Miller’s musical influence will stay present for generations to come.


13. “Ocean Drive” By Duke Dumont

Perfect for a drive down by Jones Beach on a summer night. I can imagine myself sticking my head out of the sun roof as this song blasts through the speakers shaking the car. I can smell the salt from the ocean in the air and can feel the wind blowing through my hair.

14.  “See you again” By Tyler, the Creator

This song is one of my favorite songs. Tyler, the Creator is a very creative and unique artist. His music makes me happy. He is also very funny and energetic on and off the stage making his music feel even more authentic.