The Eagle’s Cry Top Five: Emmy-Nominated Comedies


During quarantine, many people got right onto the tv binge train. While new tv shows weren’t being released, this new found free time gave audiences the opportunity to catch up on their favorite series and discover new gems. As the holiday season comes up and covid cases rise, here are my top 5 Emmy nominated comedy series to keep laughter and spirits high even when we can’t be with our families. 

  1. The Good Place (4 season, Completed)

What happens when we all die? Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself in The Good Place after she passes away, learning that everyone is awarded points for their positive actions while they’re alive. As she gets acquainted with her new lifestyle, she encounters her neighbors and appointed soulmate. However, Eleanor knows she does not belong in The Good Place and must manage to keep her truth a secret.

This two time Emmy nominated comedy shows that philosophical thoughts about the meaning of life and death don’t have to be a bore. Throughout the series, you’ll learn little pieces of ethical theories while falling in love with the charm of the characters. Not only is the show educational and hilarious, but it also features a diverse cast of characters who all get their own arcs and development. Fair warning, the later seasons do become a bit repetitive but it’s all for the sake of the plot. If you choose to watch this show, you’re guaranteed to laugh, cry, and witness a moving series finale. You can stream The Good Place on Netflix.

  1. Schitt’s Creek (6 seasons, Completed)

When the affluent Rose family is robbed of their wealth, they are forced to leave their mansion for the small town they bought as a joke, Schitt’s Creek. Left to live in a small motel, watch as this unconventional family learns to adjust to their new lifestyle as they fight to get back the life they once knew. 

Having a clean-sweep this past award season, Schitt’s Creek is a must-watch for any sitcom fan. Featuring father and son duo, Eugene and Dan Levy, this clever show is perfect for the whole family. While one of the biggest criticisms is how slow the show begins, it quickly picks up into the first season. You’ll find yourself falling in love with the characters as you watch them humble themselves and find that their new way of living may not be so bad. The show may just be the epitome of character development, seeing how each person grows with every passing season. If you watch this show, the series finale will move you to tears of joy with one of the most satisfying tv endings that 2020 definitely needs. You can stream Schitt’s Creek on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. 

  1. Barry (2 seasons, On-going)

Barry tells the story of Barry Berkman, a former Marine turned hitman upon returning home from service. While planning to leave his occupation behind and make a new start for himself, he is requested to take down a target in Los Angeles. In following his target, Barry stumbles into an acting class and finds a potential career path in the arts. Despite his new passion in life, Barry finds himself being tied back to his past at every turn.

Created, written by, and starring SNL star Bill Hader, this dark comedy is a guaranteed thrill for audiences. The fast paced storylines leave you on the edge of your seat while never dragging out any one plot for too long. While the concept of the shows seems too unconventional to make sense, the characters will captivate you in their dry wit and irony. Having only two seasons, Barry is a quick weekend binge (but be warned, the season 2 finale will leave you needing more). You can stream Barry on HBOMax. 

  1. Fleabag (2 seasons, Completed)

From her dysfunctional family to her guinea pig themed cafe she never asked for, Fleabag invites us into her life and makes the audience her confidant as she navigates through the waters of her adult life. Using dry humor as a coping mechanism, we gain insight on her past grief, trauma, and guilt as she tries to find love and levity in her life. 

Based on her one-woman play, writer and actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge brings her critically acclaimed performance to the screen. This dark comedy explores tragedy and trauma in a new way, opening up audiences to a conversation they never knew they needed to have. Despite the sadness in some scenes, this series truly is a love story regarding family, friends, and sacrifice. A short disclaimer: this series does explore mature themes and does not have a happy ending (but I do think it is totally worth it). You can stream Fleabag on Amazon Prime. 

  1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (3 seasons, On-going)

Miriam “Midge” Maisel is nothing but supportive of her husband’s failed attempts at stand-up comedy. But when she finds out he’s been cheating on her, she decides to take comedy for a spin herself as a way to vent. Little did she know that her honest life stories would launch her into a blooming career as one of the only female comedians of the 1950s. Follow her as she rises to fame while balancing her upscale life as an uptown housewife. 

From the stunning costumes to the constant comedic banter, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has been a nomination staple for the past three award seasons (and rightfully so). This Amazon Prime series is one of the masterpieces that have come out of the modern streaming platform originals. The genius writing and perfect casting has proven to be a recipe for success in this period piece. With a star studded cast and moving story arcs, there’s never a dull moment in this dazzling show. Not only has the show been praised for its production quality, but also it’s feminist undertones, supporting the idea that women can go against the societal narrative and still find success in their pursuits. You can stream The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime.